Disappointing Restaurants..

Friday, October 31, 2008

This is actually a first in my blog.

I am ranting.. On restaurants I've tried last night and just this noon time.

TGI Friday's Trinoma

Last night, my Panget and I decided to eat at Friday's Trinoma. We wanted to use the mobile GC that we got through this site. Seeing that my favorite Mushroom Chicken Mushroom was back in the menu - I ordered it immediately! But when it was served - the look of it was, well - it wasn't the Mushroom Chicken Mushroom I remembered. The presentation was so off! The chicken looked like it just came ouyt of the microwave, the fries were kinda cold, and the mushrooms - well, they were about 6-7 pieces only. It actually turned me off. I mean, why bring back a pretty popular dish and not make it the same? I was so diappointed that I sent an SMS to . The format was this:


So I sent the message following the exact format. I got two replies, asking me to use the correct format. I learned that the correct format was SHARE_Name/FRIDAYS/FEEDBACK

I mean, come on! How can people send you their feedbacks if the format given us is wrong! I just tried leaving a feedback on their site - I keep getting error messages! WTF?! (sorry!)

La Nuovo, San Antonio Arcade

Mom and my brother said that this place served good Italian food. So we tried it just this noon time coming from Manila Memorial Park in Sucat. When we entered, my mom asked the server what the set menu for the day was. He said it was 'Bill', my mom asked again, he replied 'Bill'. Thinking that I was becoming a little deaf, I asked him again - he said 'Bill'. So I asked again in Tagalog 'Anong bill? Ano yun'. To my shock he siad 'Bill, a small cow' it then registered in my head that he was referring to veal! Hahaha... I was kind of excited to order since my mom and twin said the resto was good, but when I saw the prices on the menu - I was shocked! I've never seen a pasta dish priced at Php470.00 and above! I honestly did not know what to order, so my twin took charge and just ordered 1 pizza and a pasta platter for us to share. Our orders arrived quite late, good thing we were given 2 baskets of bread with pate and tomatoes. When I asked the server for another helping - well, the server forgot! Because it never came.. I was excited to see the Pizza, but by the look of my twin's face - he was sort of bewildered - he thought the pizza would look like something else. When the pasta arrived, it looked really really yummy! There were 3 kinds on the platter - olive oil based vongole, red seafood, and creamy carbonara (I think!). When I sampled the vongole, it was great - the noodles were tasty, but the clams were so tiny! Hahaha.. The seafood with tomato was the worst for me, it tasted like medicine! But my brother loved it. The carbonarra was too creamy, but hey - my mom liked it!

All in all, the experience was quite alright - until I saw the bill! For the 2 dishes we ordered we were billed a freaking Php1,395.00!! Oh my gosh! I mean, it would be okay it the food tasted fabulous! But it wasn't. I was so disappointed, I mean - really. Really really really disappointed. I mean, to price your dishes high - I expect that somehow, the flavor of the dish will justify the price - but it didn't. Huhu..

I was so disappointed.

That's 2 misses in 2 attempts this week. Bad statistic..


  1. Bill! hehehe thats funny! :)

  2. heehee bill! :)) Relax, 2 weeks ain't so bad. I had a really bad streak to the tune of 2 months!

  3. hey didi! yah nag iba nga ang Fridays! Recently had the chicken fingers na na parang BLT sandwich at Trinoma also...ok naman but it was quite small...dati di ba parang to share ang servings here? ---o baka lumakas lang ako kumain? ;P hahaha

    Got to try La Nuovo about a month ago sakin naman ok yun experience kase the 4 cheese pizza was really good and sarap ng bread at nabigyan naman kame ng extra helping =) But you are right na kinda pricey nga =)

    Food trip tayo soon!!!!

  4. haha natawa ako sa bill story mo achi :) re. Friday's mushroom chicken mushroom, that used to be my fave too but i was disappointed too the last time i had it in their g4 branch. hay

  5. last time we went to tgif g4, we were surprised of the smaller portions of food too.
    i remember going to fridays and getting really stuffed with their overflowing plate... it was too good to last! hahaha
    mushroom chicken mushroom was also my fave!!

  6. TGIF's quality has been down the crapper... what a waste...

  7. Hindi na nga masarap sa Fridays!!

    La Nuova is pricey nga but masarap yung parma ham with truffle oil pasta and the fish in thyme and olive oil... the other dishes are so-so lang...

  8. Hi Kiko! Yes, bill - a small cow, hahaha!!

    Hello Phoebes! Yikes! Bad streak in 2 months?

    Hey Jen! Yes, pricey!!! Tara!!

    Hiya Franny! I can't believe they ruined my fave!!

    Hi Jen! Gone are the overflowing plates.. Cost cutting time!!

    Hello Oliboy! You're so right..

    Hey Kath! Hindi na talaga...

  9. hi candishhh! guess what you are tagged :) check my entry "haul away!" for the simple rules.

  10. TGIFriday's Trinoma should straighten up, huh.

    Can't remember so many flops, but my last yucky meal was the nasi lemak in Penang Hill- Robinson's Midotown. Pardon moi, it was like kaning baboy, the spicy kind. Ugh

  11. hi sis!

    just checking how u are. :P hope everythings going alright. :)

  12. You are spot on about the Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom. Way back, it was my super favorite that's why I was so ecstatic when I learned that it's back! I rushed to TGIF in High Street right away and when I met face to face with the dish, I wanted to scream "This is not my Mushroom Chicken and Mushroom!"

    Clearly, nagtipid! ugh.

  13. so far the only TGIF I like is yung sa G4... yung iba parang kadiri na... as in parang luma yung mga meat

  14. http://chinoyeater.blogspot.com/2009/02/truffle-oil-at-terrys-selection.html

  15. CanDishhh, after reading your review of Try-No-More's TGIF (Terribly Gas-Inspiring Food) I concluded that you and I think very much alike or have the same standards when it comes to food. You were there 2 or 3 years ago. We were just there a few days ago. Boy, what a disappointment! For the prices they are asking for for the measly amount of food that they give ya their meals are not worth the trip. You are better off going to a buffet place. Funny that you mentioned the chicken with mushroom dish. That was one of the dishes our party ordered. They gave us a HUGE portion of rice and very little chicken. You got 6 to 7 pieces of mushrooms? You can kiss your lucky stars. We got only 4 pieces. Their food was very unsatisfying and underwhelming. I have been to the TGIF in the US. The food served in the local version of TGIF is not even close to the ones served in their US counterparts. You can read my review of TGIF (Trinoma) here if you wish:
    We have a long list of buffet places in our website too:
    Just yesterday I tried a buffet place on Banawe named Chinatown. Their food is just awesome. At P399 each, they serve you food not seen in other buffet places. That includes drinks and lots of desserts. This is at the top of my list of very best buffet restaurants so far that's not very expensive. One bad thing: they only serve buffet during lunchtime (I think from 11 AM to 2:30 PM - they close that section of the restaurant (2nd floor) after 3 PM). It's on the 2nd floor of the building (take the elevator). The first floor is for ala carte dining. I highly recommend it!