Definitely, Maybe

Monday, October 06, 2008

I don't remember where I saw the trailer of this movie, but when I saw it was a Ryan Reynolds - romantic comedy-ish flick - I knew I had to watch it.

So when I visited our suki Wheng in Metrowalk - I was surprised to see that the title was already available!

Of course, you know what I did. I bought it but watched it just last weekend.

I loved the movie - call me cheesy - but I loved it! :) It was sweet and lovely! Isla Fisher is so cute and was perfect for the role!! :) Ryan Reynolds - well, whatever he does - I like, yes, I'm biased! Loved him from his 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza place stint!

I can't believe that Rachel Weisz accepted such a small role! But she was cute in it! I could feel the love she had for Kevin Kline's character! Found it funny he was in the movie - I always have this image of Dave in my head when I see him. Hahaha!

If you want a feel good movie - then this is it!! :)


  1. I saw this inflight and absolutely adored Abigail Breslin. I love the ending too.

  2. Hi Em! :) The ending was kind of bitin - I never saw it coming! But finding the book - gosh - I was in tears!!!!!!!

  3. i agree! nice movie! sana kinuha mo na lang sa hard disk ko! malinaw na! :)

  4. Hey Oliver! Nice noh?! Pa-share naman ng movies sa hard disk!! Pa-copy naman ng Gossip Girl and HIMYM if you have!!