a case of Food Poisoning..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yes, I was food poisoned (is there such a term?)

Well, last night - after munching on Big Mama's fried chicken with curry sauce, I felt a little queasy. I dismissed it and thought it might just be a case of overeating! But after a few minutes - I began to feel nauseated and there was the strong urge to vomit.

And I did.

Again and again. Afterwhich - got a case of mild LBM - which turned worse as the night deepened.

I was not able to sleep well!! I felt I was half asleep, my head was so heavy!!

I hate this feeling!!

So, what was the culprit? It was the curry sauce!! How did I discover?! Well, I asked my friend Kath and she told me that indeed she and her sister sampled the sauce, her sister was the one who consumed most of the sauce. My mom who ate the chicken, was normal. Kath's dad who ate the chicken was normal too!! So - it has to be the curry sauce!!

Any tips on how to treat food poisoning??

I'm still a little sick now - I hate this feeling!! Argh...


  1. Eeeep! :o

    1. Hydrate yourself to death since you're loosing liquids everytime you do #2.
    2. If it persists for 48 hours, go to the hospital.

  2. dba favorite mo sa big mama?!? oh no! phoebe's right, lotsa water or gatorade. hope you feel better soon didi! :)

  3. Phoebe's right. Keep yourself hydrated. Gatorade is a good choice. You may want to take some bananas too. If you keep vomiting and can't take liquids, go to the hospital so they can start an IV line.

    And DON'T take antidiarrheals like Imodium or Diatabs. The best way to get rid of the toxins is to let them all out.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. theyve said it all... dagdag ko lang, rest your bowels a bit. medyo light meals muna... nothing with too much grease or cream...
    crackers, lugaw, or fruit lang muna.
    and get a lot of rest.

    get well sooooon, sis.. see you at GT!

  5. hubby is also maselan with food. mabilis ma-food posioning...hehe
    so drink gatorade and take hydrite(?) not sure with the spelling.
    para d ka ma dehydrate.

  6. Hey Phoebs! Thanks so much! :) I think I was SO hydrated yesterday! Hahaha..

    Oliver - YES! Favorite ko pa naman, now I'm afraid!

    Em, Gits and Anna - thanks so much for the concern! :)