Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Jacob-bee!

Yesterday, we decided to have our dog Jacob - neutered.

And this morning - we had him neutered.

I left him with the vet and he was shaking like crazy! I think he knew somehow that something was going to happen to him. I had to hug him tight when the vet injected anesthesia and some other medicine.

I was really worried.

When the vet sent me a text message that the procedure was done and we asked the driver to pick Jacob up. When the driver brought Jacob to me, I was near tears. I saw the stitches - I saw Jacobs eyes and I knew he was in pain! I couldn't explain what I felt, I felt sad and hurt and heartbroken.

The vet I think had some sort of sixth sense because he sent me a text message assuring me that what we did was for the best of Jacob. At least he won't get psychotic when the girls (doggies) are in heat! Imagine Jacob not eating for days - 6 times a year!! Poor Jacob..

He's asleep now - I have to wake him up at 4 in the afternoon to give him the antibiotics..


  1. Long term gains should eventually outweigh temproary heartaches. Poor cute dog.

  2. I know what you mean...we were supposed to get our 3 dogs neutered too but after the first and seeing what he went through, we decided to postpone the neutering of the two remaining dogs..After a week, our neutered dog was up and about though, so don't worry too much about your Jacob :)

    Btw, he's so cute! What breed is he?

  3. Aw! I felt for you as I read this post...hang in there! I'm sure he'll be up and about in no time! :)

  4. Hello Anonymous! Thanks for the reassurance! He's a shih-tzu/maltese mix :)

    Hi Chichajo! Thanks! I'm hanging!! Hehehe.. :) I just feel sorry for him!!

  5. it is an awful, horrible feeling to see your little baby sick. you did what's best for him and this is not just about being in heat but it will also help prevent developing tumors as he gets older. :D

    he'll heal faster than you expect as long as he gets all the love he needs :)