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Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm on my way home actually!! Waiting for the shuttle to bring us to the airport!!

This is actually my first time in Cebu - and may I just say - the people are so friendly! Taxi drivers (we've met) are honest and very helpful!! The city looks promising - very cosmopolitan!

I have a few complaints (hahaha!!)

1) The Rustan's rep names Pinky Gabutan - well, she's such a lazy person!! I was asking for my friend's bridal registry list and she pointed out to a group of buyers trying to look for their gifts as well. When I asked her if she has another list she replied 'Mam, it'll take time because we need to print out the list pa ulit' to which I retorted 'Of course!' My friend noticed that she wasn't happy with my reply. And then she spoke Cebuano to her staff and in an instant - the list was in our hands! The list was OH MY GOSH! Out of the 35 items on the list - 20% of which were OUT OF STOCK!! What the hell right?! So we were forced to get an item that we didn't like that much. As with my experience before with Rustan's bridal registry - upon paying, the cashier will just give out a card for you to fill in - this will automatically be attached to the gift and delivered to the bride and groom's address. Well, in Cebu - according to those in charge - they don't do that - you'll need to claim your gift and bring it to the reception! I had such a fit that I went back to get the list - and on the list it specifically said that the gifts will be delivered to the groom's address!! Argh!!! I hated the service from Rustan's Cebu!!

I need to go - our shuttle to the airport is here!

to be continued...

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