It's OUT!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Haha.. Remember my A Photo Shoot post?

Well, magazine's OUT! (It's on your local newstands for sure!!)

Hahahaha!! :)

The picture was perfect! (See the reason why I picked Pat Dy as my photographer!) Loved looking at it! I can't believe it actually! Bwahahahahahaha!!

Barbi Chan did my make-up and Jerry Javier did my hair! (I loved the curls!)

Loooooooooved it! Hahahaha.. Loved it sooooooo much!!

Thanks soooooooooo much Marbee!! I love you dearly!

Want to take a look? If you happen to be in a bookstore or a magazine stand - it's the Wedding Essentials Magazine with Issa Litton on the cover. Hehehe.. :) Go figure!! :)

Can you sense how happy and delighted I am? :)


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  2. Whoohoo! :) I'll check it out.

  3. kailangan ko na yata mag pa autograph sa yo bago ka pa maging sikat na sikat! =)

  4. post mo yung shoot! :)

    too girly ata pag bumili ako ng mag na yun e! hahaha!

  5. hahaha, i can feel the ball of energy coming out of my monitor... :D happy for you Didi!!! :)


  6. OMG Phoebe!! Are you serious?? :)

    Hey Minds! Hihi.. Thanks!

    Hiya Jake! Hindi naman! Hahaha..

    Hi Oliver! Browse ka nalang when you pass by Fully Booked. (They're the only store I know na you can look at the mags free of charge! Hehehe)

    Hey Jane!! Thanks thanks thanks!! :)

  7. Oh I'm so excited na for the pic! :) I wanna see it na! :)

  8. ah! i have the magazine. you look really pretty! so who are you getting for your hmu? :)

  9. Hi Liz! I wish they have WE in Singapore!

    Hey Dyanie! Look for it! Hehehe.. :)

    Hello Lloyda! Thanks! I'm debating whether to get Barbi and Madge.. How about you? :)

  10. Congratulations!! :)

    Try Claire and Ricky Diokno. They're really nice and really good too :) Kiehl's and Shu :)

  11. Hey Pepper! Do they stay after the Church ceremony for retouch? I'm kinda particular with that kasi eh..