Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am officially here in Guam!!

Got in at dawn! Gosh! But in fairness - immigration people - CHEERY and laughing with us! Even telling us stories! Ain't that weird? I mean - never have I met an immigration office who was smiley, cheery and volunteers information! He was really really nice! First impression - friendly and cheery!! Cool huh?! I still can't believe they're cheery - to think that the time an odd hour!! Hahaha... 1 point - Guam!!

Upon exiting the customs - my brother and I found a really funny display cases of.... BONGS! I'll have to upload when I get back - it was really funny!! Hahaha.. Good thing the customs officer was nice enough to allow us to take a picture of it! Hahahaha.. 2 points - Guam!

I have read some bad reviews on our supposed hotel - but since we already booked - there was no turning back. I remember clearly, asking Esther (the person I was emailing at the Grand Plaza Hotel) if I should call them first when I get to the airport so they can pick us up. She did not confirm anything - BUT she sent me an email that the driver will be waiting for me at the gate - he will be holidng up a sign with my name on it. So of course, I expected that when I exited the customs area - I will be reading my name! There was NO singage with my name. NONE! And when I called the hotel to ask - Aki, the receptionist told me that she was waiting for my call! I was irritated - but gosh, she did not even apologize for the delay - instead was rude! I was not finished talking to her - when she cut me off! RUDENESS, to the highest highest levels!! Argh.. What saved this rudeness? The driver was a very friendly Filipino! He was volunteering information on the island and telling stories etc. He was really nice. When we got to the hotel - there was no apologies! And when I told her that it was rude to put down the phone when someone's still talking - she answered me with 'Because I had to call ther driver!' The NERVE right? I told her 'hey, you can say goodbye to me first and then call the driver!' She looked at me with a blank face. For this rudeness - I give Guam - -2 points! hahahaha..

So, what do I think of Guam so far? Honestly? It's like I'm in a 'mock' US city. I don't see white people walking around - mostly Korean, Japanese and Filipinos! Hahaha.. It's like Subic Bay but with a LOT of shopping areas - take note, brand name stores like LV, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Coach, Macy's and etc.

That's for now.. hahahahaha

I'm off now!! Be back in a bit!!


  1. Even if you had a bad experience, I'm still jealous of where you are. Guam's in my to do list after all. Ha ha. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Hi Didi! I hope the rest of your trip goes well. Take care!