David Duchovny: Sex Addict?

Friday, August 29, 2008

This caught my attention today...

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E! Online

How did that happen??


  1. Am skeptic. The timing of the announcement is one month before his TV series about his sex-addicted character starts. (You a fan of him? You should watch it, he's good!)

    But if it's true...uh, get well soon, I guess. (?)

  2. hmm... so that's why tea leoni looks haggard! hahaha!

    i'm with mindy on this... sounds like a press release just in time to promote his californication tv series.

    californication is nice though, so no need to do this mulder! hahaha!

  3. expect the same news about
    Jonathan Rhys Myers (Henry VIII)
    before the Season 3 premiere
    of THE TUDORS!!!

  4. Hey Minds - baka nga!!

    Hi Oliboy! :) Hahaha...

    Hiya Spanx! I read about the Tudors star!! Hahaha...