She's in love!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am so happy that she is in love!
Yes, she finally admitted that they're 'together' (I wanna ask when!)
She even changed her status online! Yiheeeeee!! (YES! This is you!!)

It's so nice to see her smile.
I told her she should smile often.
She looks happier too!

I'm glad she's happy - she deserves it!

It's so nice to see people in love. I wish that everyone feels that euphoric! Hahaha..

On a sad note, while one couple is happy in love the other is contemplating splitting up. She has told me it was for the best. What do I know, right? I just offered them prayers. I hope they patch things up soon. I really look up to them, but now - I don't know, maybe there lies something deeper. On times like these, I am honestly discouraged to jump the M ship. Kinda hard to be happy when some friends are not. But as BFF said - try not to generalize.

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