Project Runway Philippines

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am so very very excited to watch the first episode of Project Runway Philippines tonight on ETC at 10:00pm!!

I am curious on what the show has to offer.

And I want to see drama with a capital D!! Pinoy style.. Hahahaha!!



  1. ay i totally forgot about this. kumusta yung show? :)

  2. ay sayang i missed the show. thanks for this post anyway :)

  3. didi,

    i never really watched the Mrs. Seal imported version,

    but from the little I saw
    of the Pinoy franchise,

    ganda ng Project Runway,
    excellent production values,
    very glossy looking.

    And it was fun to see two guys
    who make my clothes, Frederick
    and Rajo in a reality TV show.