La Salle vs Ateneo: Round 1

Monday, July 07, 2008

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Okay - I just have to say this - every year, tickets are harder to get! My gosh! Patty and I were panicking and stressing at the same time! But luckily - I got hold of a couple! Thank you!!

We lost - and it was not because we were bad - but because the officiating was crazy!!

I never comment on the officiating because I honestly don't have a clue - but yesterday - whenever we're leading - the call fouls! Just to even up the game!

Revilla and Webb were wonderful! I love seeing Webb's reactions! Hahaha.. He made Lolo Freddie proud!!

Dinidikit talaga nila yung score!!

Which leads me to think - are they getting paid for the odds? Odds yesterday were La Salle +2.5

What do you think?

Oh yeah! What was the techinical foul on the DLSU bench? For not wearing IDs? WTF was that?? And who was Normal Black angry at when we was called also for a technical foul? Anyone??!!

I just have to say this - I mean, I HATE to admit it, Chris Tiu? Damn, he's goooooooooood!


  1. Argh...good game, really tight inspite of the questionable calls by the refs (Ateneans will surely think we're just a couple of sour grapers). You're right about Joshua Webb...other thank inborn talent, he's got his hyperactive attitude going for him. Lolo Freddie spent a lot on his training in the US so I'm sure he's glad all the expense is paying off. Thanks again for snagging us (errr...DH) those two extra tickets! We still got ours in the end though so we made other stressed out green friends happy =)

  2. Wow! Joshua was trained in the US? It runs in the blood talaga! The boy's got talent! I'm excited to see more of him!! :) Hehehe..

  3. Yes, parang one summer lang naman. Nothing serious hehehe. But obviously the Lolo's always been serious about grooming him.