The FitFlop

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Okay, Okay - it's as if I've NOT had enough of flipflops!

But this one's different, or so it says.

And I bit the dust. Again..

This has GOT to be the most expensive flipflop that I own!!


The FitFlop

I've actually seen this last year in an email sent by Bath and Body Works. Apparently, it's the craze in UK! Not only is it a flipflop - but its a fitness shoe!! According to its website - you burn more calories and you work out while you walk! Now, isn't that FANtastic?

So, I got myself a pair - courtesy of my Panget's sister. I had a deal with her, if she buys - I buy, if she doesn't - well, we both won't have our own pairs! Kidding aside, she told me that she's already felt the difference! She's kinda excited for me to try it out though. Hahaha! I just got hold of the pair a few hours ago - courtesy of the Birthday Boy - Panget! Yey! I'll be walking around the house tonight wearing the FitFlop!

I will be seriously documenting the results, as I have been on the quest for a healthier bod (forever!) this might ease and help me out! Let's hope it all works out!

To read more about FitFlop - click HERE.

There is a local distributor for this, here's the site: FitFlop in Manila.

Thanks my Panget's sister - for buying it for me!
Thanks my Panget for bringing them to me!!


  1. Hi Joey! Go go get one!! They're available in Res Toe Run shops :)

  2. Hello! I am interested in getting a pair of these, but cannot find any info on how wide/narrow they run. Anyone? and is it available in size 12??