The FitFlop: Day 3

Monday, July 14, 2008

Used it the whole day yesterday!

My feet didn't hurt AT ALL!! They're so comfy!! (Walked the Greenhills Shopping Center, Unimart and even Rustan's Fresh Supermarket in Magallanes!)

One problem though... How do I clean this one?

Is the leather real? If so, that means - I can't wash the FitFlop. Yikes!!

Did I feel something different? Well, sort of I think - (it may just be psychological) my calves feel different!!


  1. Hey Candishhh!

    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for reviewing our footwear. We really appreciate all feedback, good, bad or amazing so a proper road-test like this is fantastic.

    Really like the rest of your blog as well.

    Drop by our fan page on Facebook and say hi! (and if you want, become a fan - we're going to run all sorts of competitions and sneak previews through there)

  2. How I wish the maker of fitflops can come out with a laboratory shoes version. Similar to what Crocs have done for the Chefs in the kitchen. This is one opportunity to explore.

  3. Thanks Sherra - will pass your suggestion on to the product development team!

  4. Hi Chris! I'm loving them so much!! I really swear - they're the most comfy shoes/flipflops EVER!!

    Hello Sherra! That's such a good idea! :)

    Hiya Chirs! Thanks for dropping by! :) So loving my fitflops!! Thanks to the developing team!!