The FitFlop: Day 1

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The FitFlop: Day One

It's the most comfortable thing ever!

I love my Crocs - I really do, but today - I forgot all about my trusted Crocs.

I have been walking up and down the stairs and it's so comfy!

No break-in pain, nothing! I wish I can wear it all night long!

But you see, I went to a party last night and while having dinner (I wore a dress) - I wore my Red FitFlops! I know, it doesn't match! But I don't care - it's so comfy! Too bad, I had to change shoes to attend my friend Ky's party.

My best bud KI was ecstatic when she saw me wearing one - she told me it's the most comfy shoe/flipflops ever! She was thinking of buying some more when she goes back to Hong Kong! Hahaha. He mom has one too and never takes it off (unless needed!)

Isn't this cool?


  1. Wowww... I wonder if they have other styles. Do they sell it here in Manila? :)

  2. Am not really familiar with this, but a while ago, while walking along the street, I saw one store selling here in Singapore, curious na ako because of your post, got to check it out hehe

  3. i'm getting curious about this hahaha ;) is this available na in pinas? i'd love to try it! :)

  4. Hi Sab! I think they do have other styles - but limited lang the ones here in Manila.

    Hello Dee! How're you?! Check mo, it's the MOST comfortable thing EVER! Promise!!

    Hi Princess_dyanie! I think it's available here in Manila already, try to go to Res Toe Run :)