ALEXA Bag Organizer

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grabbed from the site

My friend KY was supposed to gift me one for Christmas last year. Unfortunately, her mom mistakenly got 'my' gift and gave it to another person. Huhu..

My BFF KI was showing me how useful the bag organizer was.

I know it's kinda overdue - I mean 7 months after?

Well, it was just the other day that I decided to get one. I sort of got tired of rummaging through my bag for my house keys! And I hate it when I have to organize my bag - every single night! Argh.. It was really overdue.

And today, I got myself 2 ALEXA bag organizers!!

I immediately opened the box and in minutes - transferred all my bag's contents in the bag organizer (size: Large). It fit my bag perfectly!

I know it's kinda of stupid - but I can't help but admire the neatness of my bag! Makes me smile when I think about it. Another odd thing - I keep on looking at it (my bag!) from time to time! Hahaha... I don't know why!!

Thanks Lorce of Alexa Bag Organizers!! :)

ALEXA Orginal Bag Organizers
Mobile 0917-5390655
Free delivery within Greenhills
Pick-Up points - Katipunan Ave.

U P D A T E ! !
I will be giving away a large Alexa bag organizer to my readers!!
Come back soon, for more details..


  1. I'd be lost without my bag organizers too. I need to get more hehehe! =)

  2. oh, they look so pretty! ive been doing a lot of thinking whether i should or shouldnt get one.

  3. Hi Patty! I want more too!!

    Hiya Gits! Go get one! It's really super useful!! It took me 7 months to decide to get one... GET ONE NA!! Join my raffle! You might win!! :)