ALEXA Bag Organizer

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grabbed from the site

My friend KY was supposed to gift me one for Christmas last year. Unfortunately, her mom mistakenly got 'my' gift and gave it to another person. Huhu..

My BFF KI was showing me how useful the bag organizer was.

I know it's kinda overdue - I mean 7 months after?

Well, it was just the other day that I decided to get one. I sort of got tired of rummaging through my bag for my house keys! And I hate it when I have to organize my bag - every single night! Argh.. It was really overdue.

And today, I got myself 2 ALEXA bag organizers!!

I immediately opened the box and in minutes - transferred all my bag's contents in the bag organizer (size: Large). It fit my bag perfectly!

I know it's kinda of stupid - but I can't help but admire the neatness of my bag! Makes me smile when I think about it. Another odd thing - I keep on looking at it (my bag!) from time to time! Hahaha... I don't know why!!

Thanks Lorce of Alexa Bag Organizers!! :)

ALEXA Orginal Bag Organizers
Mobile 0917-5390655
Free delivery within Greenhills
Pick-Up points - Katipunan Ave.

U P D A T E ! !
I will be giving away a large Alexa bag organizer to my readers!!
Come back soon, for more details..

Project Runway Philippines

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am so very very excited to watch the first episode of Project Runway Philippines tonight on ETC at 10:00pm!!

I am curious on what the show has to offer.

And I want to see drama with a capital D!! Pinoy style.. Hahahaha!!


She's in love!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am so happy that she is in love!
Yes, she finally admitted that they're 'together' (I wanna ask when!)
She even changed her status online! Yiheeeeee!! (YES! This is you!!)

It's so nice to see her smile.
I told her she should smile often.
She looks happier too!

I'm glad she's happy - she deserves it!

It's so nice to see people in love. I wish that everyone feels that euphoric! Hahaha..

On a sad note, while one couple is happy in love the other is contemplating splitting up. She has told me it was for the best. What do I know, right? I just offered them prayers. I hope they patch things up soon. I really look up to them, but now - I don't know, maybe there lies something deeper. On times like these, I am honestly discouraged to jump the M ship. Kinda hard to be happy when some friends are not. But as BFF said - try not to generalize.

Happy Anniversary PROMOD!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I can't believe it, has it been a year already? Coolness!

I have this love affair with Promod! You can ask my Panget, he is witness to my Promod shopping sprees! He even gifted me with a bunch of dresses from Promod! I love love love Promod dresses!!!

The sizes are amazingly perfect on me! I don't even need to try them on, but I still do, sometimes - especially when there's a dress that I like that is one size smaller. And so far, so good - because they fit me well! Hahaha.. Stroke of luck? I hope so!

Another thing that I like about Promod? When you look at their website - you'll see the same dresses being sold here. Isn't that cool the best? We're updated with the styles! I'm sooooo happy with Promod here in Manila!!

I have been always a believer of those 'meant to be' thingies. This is so true when I go shopping! When before I always buy on impulse, but when I came back from my Beijing stint, well - I became a more disciplined shopper. I think twice, thrice and even sleep on the thought before I go buy the item. I've also believed that if the item is for me, I will eventually find it - no need to rush buying it. And today - it has happened, again! There's this dress that I have been eyeing - and I was hoping they're put it on sale! And today, when I visited - it was! Although it was one size smaller - my gosh - it still fit! Thanks goodness!! Hahahaha... :)

The Natural Source is their sister company - thus, I was given a free make-over! I was happy to learn that they were using (and selling) mineral make-up! To celebrate their first year customers were treated to yummy cocktails by Bizu! We were also given minature cakes!

Too bad I don't like chocolate..

Don't you just love Promod? Hahahaha!!

Congratulations Promod!

Happy 1st year!!

Good news to Promod lovers from the South! They'll be opening a branch in...

Drum roll please...

Greenbelt 5!!

Thanks BFF!! :) I had such a great wonderful time with you!! :)

Big Mama's

I am such a big fan of fried chicken! Why? Well, since I don't eat pork and beef - this is only one of the 2 things on the menu for me! :) Hahaha...

My ultimate favorite chickens are as follows:
1. Chicken Joy - Jollibee
I so love the crispyliciousness and juicy-liciousness! Langhap saraaaaaaaap!

2. Original Recipe Chicken - KFC
My favorite would be the skin! It's really finger-lickin good!

3. Country chicken's
I love the sauce! It's what makes the chicken yummy! The sauce! What can be the formulation?

4. S&R's Roasted Chicken
Anyone who's tried this will agree with me!

5. Savory's Chicken
I just got introduced to this recently. My parents are huge fans of Savory - they retell us their Savroy stories (everytime!)

6. Andok's, Mang Bok's and Sr. Pedro's (they're NOT exactly my favorites, they're one of those options. Hihi..)
They're filling and flavorful. Just as long as you get the newly cooked ones! Hahahaha... :)

Just last Friday - my friend May May and Brian introduced us to another chicken:

Big Mama's Fried Chicken!

the take-out box..

They said it was the best they've ever had. Brian even said it was better than KFC's. Well, that got my Panget and I curious. My Panget hates chicken - mainly because their cook serves it for every meal - every day (the cook said it was per My Panget's dad's instructions) So when May May learned that my Panget hates chicken - she invited us over for a fried chicken dinner!!

yummy yummy chicken!!

So the verdict? Well, it was really really good! Can you imagine 8 people devouring 3 whole chicken in a span of....... 1.5 hours? Yup! We kept on munching and munching! I think they have a different marinade. But whatever it is, it's sooooooooo good! We couldn't get enough thus, we ordered for more! It's also finger lick'in good (especially when they're HOT!) May May was so happy that my Panget loved the chicken! (Because he kept on saying - I hate chicken! Hahaha!!) And last night - I ordered some for my college buddies to try - and they all LOVED it to bits too!

a closer look!

Big Mama is a Korean owned Korean restaurant that's located at the Renaissance Plaza compound in Ortigas Center. Their fried chicken sells for Php500.00 for a whole chicken (2 sauces come with it and a plastic bottle of coke!) and Php250.00 for half a chicken. They also offer other dishes (but I didn't bother with it anymore!) The Chapchae was so-so (The best I've tasted were from Ye Dang)

Big Mama Tel. 384-0456 or 706-3348

The FitFlop: Day 4 - 9

Monday, July 21, 2008

On weekdays - since I work behind a desk - I don't get to walk much. But still, I play around with my FitFlop at night! Hahaha.. and they're still comfy as ever! :)

Now, I wish I had all colors!! I envy my BFF - who gets to wear her pair with any dress (she got the silver, same with my Panget's SIL)

I think I've felt some difference. I mean, while walking - my calves feel exercised. Funny and odd - but I swear, it's true!!

I am lusting for this...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I know I WANT something when I can't stop thinking about it for days.

Last Friday, I saw this while browsing through the Sony Ericcson site. It was love at first sight. I knew I wanted one. But it's not out yet - might be out by the 3rd quarter of this year....

Isn't she a thing of beauty?

It's the SE W980


I love the sleek-ness. I love the color!

The FitFlop: Day 3

Monday, July 14, 2008

Used it the whole day yesterday!

My feet didn't hurt AT ALL!! They're so comfy!! (Walked the Greenhills Shopping Center, Unimart and even Rustan's Fresh Supermarket in Magallanes!)

One problem though... How do I clean this one?

Is the leather real? If so, that means - I can't wash the FitFlop. Yikes!!

Did I feel something different? Well, sort of I think - (it may just be psychological) my calves feel different!!

The FitFlop: Day 2

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I didn't get to use my FitFlop that much today - I was just home the whole day, lazing around and watching DVDs.

But there was something different. While getting ready for a night out, I felt a little dizzy. Seemed like the room was spinning a little. While I was showering, I also felt the same!

Is that the wobble-effect of the FitFlop??


I wish I can wear it with my dresses! (Argh! They're so comfy!!)

The FitFlop: Day 1

The FitFlop: Day One

It's the most comfortable thing ever!

I love my Crocs - I really do, but today - I forgot all about my trusted Crocs.

I have been walking up and down the stairs and it's so comfy!

No break-in pain, nothing! I wish I can wear it all night long!

But you see, I went to a party last night and while having dinner (I wore a dress) - I wore my Red FitFlops! I know, it doesn't match! But I don't care - it's so comfy! Too bad, I had to change shoes to attend my friend Ky's party.

My best bud KI was ecstatic when she saw me wearing one - she told me it's the most comfy shoe/flipflops ever! She was thinking of buying some more when she goes back to Hong Kong! Hahaha. He mom has one too and never takes it off (unless needed!)

Isn't this cool?

Happy Birthday Kymie!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Kymie!! :)

The FitFlop

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Okay, Okay - it's as if I've NOT had enough of flipflops!

But this one's different, or so it says.

And I bit the dust. Again..

This has GOT to be the most expensive flipflop that I own!!


The FitFlop

I've actually seen this last year in an email sent by Bath and Body Works. Apparently, it's the craze in UK! Not only is it a flipflop - but its a fitness shoe!! According to its website - you burn more calories and you work out while you walk! Now, isn't that FANtastic?

So, I got myself a pair - courtesy of my Panget's sister. I had a deal with her, if she buys - I buy, if she doesn't - well, we both won't have our own pairs! Kidding aside, she told me that she's already felt the difference! She's kinda excited for me to try it out though. Hahaha! I just got hold of the pair a few hours ago - courtesy of the Birthday Boy - Panget! Yey! I'll be walking around the house tonight wearing the FitFlop!

I will be seriously documenting the results, as I have been on the quest for a healthier bod (forever!) this might ease and help me out! Let's hope it all works out!

To read more about FitFlop - click HERE.

There is a local distributor for this, here's the site: FitFlop in Manila.

Thanks my Panget's sister - for buying it for me!
Thanks my Panget for bringing them to me!!

Happy Happy Birthday PANGET!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Panget!! :)

Today - he turns a year older! :)

Yehey!! :)

Pole Dancing

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nope, this we didn't get to do!

I have a new found respect for Pole Dancers!

The moves look really simple to do - but I just have to say... NOT EASY!!

Pole dancing requires upper arm strength, flexibility and open-ness :)

Lala and Judy of Movement Studio in Greenhills were nice enough to teach us a couple of moves.

Man, they seemed easy at first - but when we tried them ourselves - it was HARD!

It's a total body work out, I tell you. At the end of two hours - we were all drained! Hahaha..

My arms hurt like hell now. I have bruises on my arms and legs (this was normal according to Judy) I would love to try it again.. Hehehe...

The RIDICULOUS Challenge

Monday, July 07, 2008

URCC 12: The Supremacy was held last Saturday at the A.Venue Hall. That was my first time to visit the place. It was new and looked promising (meaning new restos to try out!) I remember reading somewhere about the burger eating challenge. We decided to camp out here for a while since all the cars (from the basement parking) were all together trying to get out!

I saw a couple of people taking the challenge. The Burger looks kinda scary - I mean that's 3 freaking patties! How the hell can you chow everything down in 5 minutes or less! Hahaha... But as one friend (who was cheering another friend of his) was saying - it's all in the technique! Now, why didn't I think of that! The challenger dissected the burger - he separated the buns and the patties and began eating the patties first - he was actually alternating I think! Hahaha.. And he finished his with 1 more minute to go. What was funny was - he kept on saying how bitin he was and was thinking of getting another burger and taking the challenge again! Hahaha..

But my, our orders took forever!! It took them 20 minutes for our order to arrive! Wanna know what we got? 2 Potato Wedges and 1 Blue Cheese Burger. Yep! 20 minutes! But it's okay - the wait didn't seem to be long because I was busy watching the challenges.

My Panget's brother said that the Blue Cheese burger was good. I have to take his word for it since I don't eat meat! Hehehe.. :)

La Salle vs Ateneo: Round 1

Image borrowed from

Okay - I just have to say this - every year, tickets are harder to get! My gosh! Patty and I were panicking and stressing at the same time! But luckily - I got hold of a couple! Thank you!!

We lost - and it was not because we were bad - but because the officiating was crazy!!

I never comment on the officiating because I honestly don't have a clue - but yesterday - whenever we're leading - the call fouls! Just to even up the game!

Revilla and Webb were wonderful! I love seeing Webb's reactions! Hahaha.. He made Lolo Freddie proud!!

Dinidikit talaga nila yung score!!

Which leads me to think - are they getting paid for the odds? Odds yesterday were La Salle +2.5

What do you think?

Oh yeah! What was the techinical foul on the DLSU bench? For not wearing IDs? WTF was that?? And who was Normal Black angry at when we was called also for a technical foul? Anyone??!!

I just have to say this - I mean, I HATE to admit it, Chris Tiu? Damn, he's goooooooooood!

My latest awesome journeys..

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I am writing this as an entry to Anton's 'What is your latest awesome journey to the Islands of the Philippines'

the best tour group ever!

Corregidor Island
I never expected to fall in love with Corregidor. Its actually one of those places that's not given its fair share of press. The place is unique and nostalgic! I love the fact that it's untouched and real. Things happened on this island - and the charm for me is the rich history. I love visiting places with rich histories - and this one, well - it's just a ferry boat away from Manila! Now, that's convenient!

Aside from the charm of Corregidor - the journey was made extra awesome because of the following reasons: a) I won the trip! b) It was hosted by the Carlos Celdran c) The tour group was the best! Everyone got along and had a great time!


The trip up north was not easy, nor was it fast! It was 12 freaking hours! But the trip was worth it! Sagada is beautiful! I love the innocence of the place! It's nature at its best! Hiking up and down the rice terraces (en route to Bumod-Ok falls) was one of the best experiences in my life, I mean never in my wildest dream did I imagine ever doing that! The cold weather, the quietness, the serenity of the place, the very warm people (especially Tita Mary!), the beautiful rice terraces are those are that makes Sagada such a lovely place to visit!

Now, what made this trip super duper awesome? Well, this is where my Panget proposed! :)

Airport shot..

For years, my good friend Carol has been trying to convince us to visit her - and last December, we did! I think one of the reasons is that the fare was made amazingly affordable! (Thank you Cebu Pacific!) I always asked Carol if she saw the Mayon Volcano on a regular basis - and honestly, I never remembered her answer! Upon disembarking - my friends and I were in awe. We couldn't believe what we saw! It was literally Mayon Volcano! And it seemed very near to us! So to answer my question - yes, she did see Mayon Volcano on a regular basis!

We also visited the Naga - more specifically the Camsur Wakeboarding Complex - it was wonderful and world class! Accommodations were cheap, the food was also cheap! It was affordability (if there is such a word!) at its best! There were a lot of foreigners too, which honestly shocked me! I mean why are they here right? According to the charming Gov. LRey Villafuerte, foreigners stay at least 3 months in the complex - because it's cheap and it's the best wake boarding complex in the world! Nice.

So, what made this trip awesome? 1) I attended my first Simbang Gabi (in years!) in Bicolano and at the Penafrancia Church 2) It was my first local trip with my DLSU buddies 3) I successfully circled the wakeboard water route without falling off or letting go (does this make sense?) 4) I met Gov. LRey Villafuerte! (I was kidding with my friends that I emailed the governor (which I really did) and he would be meeting me - it was by chance that we met! Hahaha!)

I'm so proud of you Fran!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Last night, I had a night cap with Fran and Sab. As we were chatting away, I learned that Fran was quitting her current job, when I asked why - well, she got a better offer from this leading magazine publishing firm. When I learned which publication - I was ecstatic!

I knew how much she loved that magazine.

It was a dream come true!!

What made me more proud? Well, she was invited!!

Oh my effing gosh!! She was invited!!

I will never forget Sab's analogy - 'If before she was being offered VNC shoes, now it's a Manolo Blahnik'

It's THAT time of the year again!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Our favorite season is back!!

Green and White - here we come!! :)

I'm so excited with the DLSU vs ADMU game this Sunday!!

Whether live or on TV!! Hihi..

How I wish we can still score tickets like these!!