Things I did over the weekend..

Monday, June 30, 2008

I haven't done this in a looooong time - posting in bullets! Hahaha..

So here it goes!
  • Went to the Promod Sale with Annie - was very disappointed! I just got 2 dresses! Sigh.. Hoping to see more new items! (even if they keep saying their stocks are already ALL OUT!) hahahaha
  • Had dinner at Tong Yang! Haven't done this in a year! It was super fun - but at the end of the night we were all full and smelly!! Hahahaha... Next year again!!
  • Had my pedi at CANS Greenhills by Riza! Love love love her!!
  • Went to Forbes to reserve the Church for my inevitable wedding date! (Hahaha..)
  • Hung out at Starbucks Magallanes (as my Panget went to Druid's Keep to get his 2 weeks worth of comic books and toys!)
  • Went to Rustan's Makati - hoping to attend the Metro Weddings event - well, I was late - about 2 hours late! Hahahaha..
  • Had dinner at Caprisiosa in GB3 - the pizza was great - but the pasta, well - it was really bad! No flavor at all! And the pasta was really really dry (even if I told them I didn't like my pasta too dry.. tsk.. tsk..)
  • Went to watch the movie below (that was the only thing that garnered an individual entry!)
  • Since my Panget was hungry from the disappointing dinner - we headed to Cafe Breton with good pal Fred! :)
  • Went to Church, atteneded the 10:15am Mass and for the first time, I saw about 6 - 8 lay ministers in Church! The normal number was just 2-3. I guess they all wanted to catch the Pacquiao fight - thus, serve early - go home early too!!
  • Had a very bad 'complimentary' lunch at the Astoria Plaza in Ortigas
  • Endured 2 hours worth of 'convincing' to avail of the time share vacation owning promo! At the end of the whole thingie - I was lucky enough to claim my FREE accommodations!! :)
  • I brought Tynee (one of Jenna's puppies) to his new home.. (I still miss him!)
  • Had dinner with my Panget's brother, SIL and uber cute niece Elle at Omakase. Service was do-do, because there were so many people! Our orders didn't arrive on time and some were mixed up! Had to follow-up every once in a while.
  • Capped the Sunday with a foot and back massage with my mom at Happy Family West Avenue (loved it!! as usual!)
This bullet-ing made me realize - gosh, I did a lot of stuffs ah!! Hehehe..

How about you? How was your weekend? :)


  1. I was excited to try the breakfast at Casa Armas but found out when we got there that they don't serve breakfast on Sunday's. Ate at UCC Vienna cafe instead.

    Slept and missed the whole Pacquiao fight.

    Not as busy as yours!

  2. wow ach!! that was a busy weekend! for me..lets see..

    - spent the entire saturday morning at the salcedo market with side trips to my mom's office and hsbc to pay some bills
    - sat evening was with the entire clan at mr choi's kitchen (food was not good *ugh* super salty that i felt bloated after the meal)
    - entire sunday was devoted to my grandparents in megamall
    - follow by that disappointing dinner at italianni's


  3. Hi Em! Oooh, bfast at UCC! That I have to try out!!

    Hiya Franny! Salcedo Market seems really fun! Too bad it's open in the mornings lang.. :(

    Hey BNY! Thanks for the entry ah!! Super appreciate it!! :) Mwaaaah!! :)

  4. Hi. I'm new to your site and I enjoy reading your posts! :)

    busy weekend ah! ;P

    btw, i'll add your link to my blogroll ha. thanks ;)

  5. Went to Forbes to reserve the Church for my inevitable wedding date! (Hahaha..) --- Seryosoooo? :o

    What I did over the weekend:

    - Had dinner with Sophie and co. at Fish and Co.
    - Went to Mozu Cafe to meet HCP friends.
    - Attended the Aperture workshop in GB3 and stayed till closing. :(
    - Went to GH to buy wireless router.
    - Went to Mozu again with three HCPers. :D
    - Discovered my mags has bingkong and now I had to have it repaired without my bro knowing. huhu...


  6. we went to astoria last night. ate a so so dinner. endured 4 HOURS of convincing. hahaha. crappy waste of time. at least aileen got her free accomodation also! hahaha!

  7. Hi Princess! Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you enjoy reading my entries! Please do link me up! Thanks again!

    Hiya Sheyz! Yep! Getting hitched next year! Kina-career ang photography ah! :)

    Hello Patty! Yup! Next year! I'm actually scared! Hahaha..

    Hi Oli! 4 hours? Gosh! Buti pala ako 2 hours lang! Hahaha... :)

  8. Woooow! Congrats Di! So happy for you!!!! *hugz*

    Tama lang yan, ten thousand years na kayo eh. hahaha :)

    Feeling lang ako mag photography. haha

  9. Hi Sheyz! Thanks! :) Ten thousand years na ba? Hahaha!! :)