A Photo Shoot!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

This morning - because of my Panget's friend Marbee - I was part of a photo shoot for her magazine. For the first time in my entire life did I feel like a model. I was made-up by Barbi Chan, Maybelline's Chief Make-Up Artist, my hair was done by the loveable Jerry Javier of L'oreal Professional and who shot us? Well, it's non other than Pat Dy himself! Loved it! Loved it to bits!!

I have to give snaps to my BFF KI - she was with me the whole time!!

Thanks Marbee! Thanks Barbi! Thanks Jerry! Thanks Pat!

At the end of the shoot, here's what I got!!

Yeyness!! Freebies! Who doesn't love freebies!!


  1. Hi Patty! Thanks for dropping by! It was interesting, I was hoping to get another loot bag, but I forgot to ask. Hihi..

  2. Didi, what's the name of the magazine? I would love to see it!

  3. What's the magazine??? Spill the beans! We want to see you in supermodel mode! :)

    Nice loot :)

  4. naxxx model na si achi didi :)
    uy galing!! i love barbi chan and pat dy :)

    where's the actual photo?

  5. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for dropping by! The magazine is Wedding Essentials.

    Hi Joey! Its Wedding Essentials magazine! :) Sort of supermodel mode lang. Sort of.. Hahaha!!

    Hiya Franny! Actual photo? I don't have it - need to wait for it to get published! Hahaha..

  6. aawwwe.. show us the photos, please?

  7. Hello Lizzz! I don't have the photos eh. I also have to wait until the mag gets to print! Hehehe.. I forgot to bring a camera... Darnit!

  8. Havaianas should be added to your list aswell dont you think?