Dinner at Mamou

Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been hearing from my friend Kath that Mamou's steaks are great!

To be perfectly honest - I'm not keen on eating at any Serendra restaurant - because the ones my Panget and I have tried - we were let down. There was only one prior to Mamou that we liked.

But we had to pick Serendra for last Saturday's dinner - as it was requested by one of my Panget's college buddies. And since Panget was a steak lover - Mamou it was!

I liked the fact that the restaurant is following a first and second seating policy. It makes reservations easier and is a little more 'civilized'. This so reminds me of the Alaskan cruise I took years ago! Thanks Annie for the great service!!

Anyhoo - I got the Beer Battered Fish and Chips while my Panget opted for the Twin Steak!

Beer Battered Fish and Chips

The Fish and Chips were just alright - I was expecting something more, a better kick or more pieces! But it was really done in a very simple manner. But what was nice about this dish is that they serve it with 2 sauces - one was the tartar sauce and the other was the malt vinegar sauce. At first it may seem odd that there was a vinegar sauce, I mean I've actually never seen a Fish and Chips dish served with any other sauce except for the usual tartar sauce, so this was definitely different. When I dipped it and tasted it - my gosh, I was amazed! The flavor was all over! It tasted great! Which was really unexpected. I liked the vinegar more than the tartar sauce! It was more yummy! But I think one needs to get used to the vinegar taste. Hehehe..

Twin Steak
(I'm not sure on the name, but I heard it was called that)

My Panget on the other hand loved loved loved the steak! I noticed that he was eating quite slower than the rest of us, when I asked him this (after dinner) - he told me that he was savoring every bite! He was making it a point to eat very slowly so could enjoy each bite more! There was one complaint though - it was very oily and the plate wasn't tilted as it was supposed to be. But he was very satisfied with the steak, I mean very satisfied. He's a steak guy and for him to praise Mamou's steak - well that only means one thing, it was really good! He also loved the sidings of Corn and Mashed Potatoes - I loved them too!

A closer look.. yummy right??

If you're looking for a great steak place - go to Mamou! It's the best my Panget has tried so far! I believe him - and look at the images we took - it looks soooo good!

Tel. 02-856-3569
Cel. 0917-8162668


  1. you should bring edmund to elbert's steak room at dela costa street also... yun talaga all steaks... nothing else.. you can eat his portion of the soup and salad!

  2. I know! Your dad told us! He was making Panget hungry with his kwentos!!

  3. i LOVE the steak at mamou. one of the best ones i've had so far. the beer battered chicken is better. :)

  4. looks sarap......

  5. Hi Pepper! I'll try the chicken next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Hello Sakai, it's really good :)

  6. fish and chips is traditionally served with malt vinegar and salt. back then, whole atlantic cod fillets were coated in either a beer or yeast batter and fried to seal in the moisture/steam the fish. the coating was originally meant to be peeled off but it tasted good, hence....

    i suppose that fish used in mamou's creamy dory.

    what a measly serving of chips