Things I did over the weekend..

Monday, June 30, 2008

I haven't done this in a looooong time - posting in bullets! Hahaha..

So here it goes!
  • Went to the Promod Sale with Annie - was very disappointed! I just got 2 dresses! Sigh.. Hoping to see more new items! (even if they keep saying their stocks are already ALL OUT!) hahahaha
  • Had dinner at Tong Yang! Haven't done this in a year! It was super fun - but at the end of the night we were all full and smelly!! Hahahaha... Next year again!!
  • Had my pedi at CANS Greenhills by Riza! Love love love her!!
  • Went to Forbes to reserve the Church for my inevitable wedding date! (Hahaha..)
  • Hung out at Starbucks Magallanes (as my Panget went to Druid's Keep to get his 2 weeks worth of comic books and toys!)
  • Went to Rustan's Makati - hoping to attend the Metro Weddings event - well, I was late - about 2 hours late! Hahahaha..
  • Had dinner at Caprisiosa in GB3 - the pizza was great - but the pasta, well - it was really bad! No flavor at all! And the pasta was really really dry (even if I told them I didn't like my pasta too dry.. tsk.. tsk..)
  • Went to watch the movie below (that was the only thing that garnered an individual entry!)
  • Since my Panget was hungry from the disappointing dinner - we headed to Cafe Breton with good pal Fred! :)
  • Went to Church, atteneded the 10:15am Mass and for the first time, I saw about 6 - 8 lay ministers in Church! The normal number was just 2-3. I guess they all wanted to catch the Pacquiao fight - thus, serve early - go home early too!!
  • Had a very bad 'complimentary' lunch at the Astoria Plaza in Ortigas
  • Endured 2 hours worth of 'convincing' to avail of the time share vacation owning promo! At the end of the whole thingie - I was lucky enough to claim my FREE accommodations!! :)
  • I brought Tynee (one of Jenna's puppies) to his new home.. (I still miss him!)
  • Had dinner with my Panget's brother, SIL and uber cute niece Elle at Omakase. Service was do-do, because there were so many people! Our orders didn't arrive on time and some were mixed up! Had to follow-up every once in a while.
  • Capped the Sunday with a foot and back massage with my mom at Happy Family West Avenue (loved it!! as usual!)
This bullet-ing made me realize - gosh, I did a lot of stuffs ah!! Hehehe..

How about you? How was your weekend? :)


The movie was wonderful! I loved the action scenes! I just have to say - Matrix revolutionized the slow-mo-replay thingie. But this movie stepped it up a notch!!

The only disappointing thing for me was that - I was expecting Wesley to do more killings! Hahaha... :)

Angelina Jolie was so HOT! Oh my gosh! I was telling my Panget - and he just smiled! Well, he knew I was biased! Hahaha... :)

LOST Season 4 Finale

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I just have to say this.. this show has got to be one of THE best show on earth!

The makers, writers, directors my gosh - they're all EFFING good!

I salute you JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof! I effing salute you geniuses!!

Too bad, they're tying up loose ends..

I know the show as been experiencing a lot of bad reveiws, saying that the show has become more and more confusing - well, I salute that! I mean, even if there are times that I get confused - I just take it as it is - because I know it'll be answered someday. I am hoping that that someday is far far away - but it's going to be soon.. Sigh...

I love you Jack, I love you Kate, I love you Sawyer, I love you Jin, I love you Hurley, I love you Locke, I love you Sun, I love you Daniel Faraday, I love you Desmond, I love you Sayid, I love you Ben (I can't believe I'm saying this!!), I love you Mindy! I love you all!!!:)

Right now, as I finish this - I am again, watching the last 5 episodes! Yes, I'm that much into the show!! :)

Comic Relief

Friday, June 20, 2008

Click image to enlarge

I received this from my Panget's friend Barbs email.

I just want to share this to you, to make you laugh - somehow.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend guys! :)


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Image borrowed from this site

Last Saturday, a friend of my Panget was sharing to us a miracle that happened to her. She has been begging and praying for the longest time that her husband stop smoking but nothing has happened. Since she attended Sunday Christian Church regularly - she has been hearing of prayers being answered, especially if coupled with a sacrifice. She then thought to herself that she would try it at least - without expectation. And so she decided to fast, just one meal a day, and for the two meals - she would instead meditate or pray.

For a while, nothing happened - she was getting skeptical, but then her Pastor told her to hold on and have faith. Come Sunday, they went to Church again - after the celebration, her husband turned to her and handed her his box of cigarettes and told her 'Throw these away'. When she heard it - tears began to fall and she was crying. Her husband not knowing what happened was shocked and bewildered. It was only when they went home that she explained why she cried - it was because her prayers have been answered! Her husband has been off cigarettes for six months now!

When I heard this, I realized something. That when I pray - I always ask something from Him without thinking of what I can do for Him. So that was when I decided that I will give back by fasting too! I know it's going to be hard, especially for a person who loves to eat! I thought, maybe it was easy - because I've tried fasting during Lent and abstaining from meat (for 6 successful months now!) But since I know it's for Him - why not step it up one level, right? And so today, I'm on my 4th day fasting (eating one meal a day) I tell you, it's not easy at all! My body is still getting used to it, there are moments when I want to eat or I crave for something - but when I tell myself 'this is for You' the craving stops. I hope this sacrifice will make me closer to Him and appreciate Him even more.

I know I will encounter a lot of criticisms, knowing looks and questions. But I have to be strong - I've already been asked - why I am doing this? Well, I just tell them, it's my sacrifice! If there are people who don't eat beef because of their belief - I respect that, but this - well, this is my sacrifice, this is for my spiritual life.

Wish me luck!! :)

Boston Celtics it is!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love seeing a sea of Green and White!! :)

Congratulations guys!!

It's a well deserved win!!

You kicked their asses good bye!!

I love it!!


Dialogues at Starbucks

Monday, June 16, 2008


I have this theory that Inspiration is paying it forward. You must be inspired with something or by someone to have the feeling of a certain 'high' that drives you to do certain things. Thus you pay it forward by doing something that inspired you. Somehow it inspires someone thus the cycle continues.

Last Saturday - I was honored to be invited by Starbucks to join the first leg of their Dialogues at Starbucks. They had 2 guest speakers - the first was Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and the second was JP Tanchanco of Tanchanco Tri-Media Productions.

Anton Diaz

As for Anton - his theme was Proud to be Pinoy. Those who follow his blog can see how proud he is of our country! I've actually never seen him do a 'talk' I've bumped into him and his lovely wife numerous times - once even travelling with him to Corregidor. You can really sense his eagerness and thirst for new discoveries. The best thing about him is that - he shares it to us through his blog. We become part of the adventure while reading his entries.

JP Tanchanco

The second speaker ws JP Tanchanco. His was a different type of talk. It was actually a very inspiring talk. I loved his positivity. You can sense and feel the 'fire' burning - like coffee - I can almost smell the taste! He was very passionate re-telling his tales of roaming the whole of the Philippines searching and asking 'Are you Happy?' While listening to him speak - I admit - I was so 'in the moment' that I felt a certain drive - an inspiration to share. I love watching documentaries and when he showed us a clip of his docu-drama - I was blown away. I really was, while watching the preview - I got teary eyed - I felt so very proud while watching the preview. I can't explain fully what I felt exactly but I felt the positivity, I felt the message - as the saying goes - tumagos sa puso - it pierced through my heart. I never felt so proud that I was Filipino.

Inspiring! That is what I have to say - I can't wait until they release the film. As I was talking to JP and Ayee - I felt their sincerity, they believed in the cause - and so pursued it.

When I got back from my Corregidor trip - I've had this nagging feeling that I couldn't quite explain. I think I've never understood what that 'feeling' was until I saw the documentary. I've so long believed in the causes of Carlos Celdran and Anton - now JP and Ayee's. I just hope that somehow - I can do my fair share.

I was telling JP and Ayee - our country needs this - we need this, to push us to become more that we can.

As they say - it begins with an inspiration, it's the fuel that makes you go further.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting other bloggers! Coolness! It was nice meeting you Lori (again!), Nina, and Jane! Thanks so much for the invite Fran and Zarah of Starbucks!

More Dialogues at Starbucks!!

June 21, 4PM : Starbucks Coffee Silver City (near Tiendesitas)
(featuring Anton Diaz and the WeeWillDoodle team)

June 28, 4PM : Starbucks Coffee Harbor Square (CCP Complex)
(featuring Dr. William Oliver of Fauna and Flora International)

July 5, 4PM : Starbucks Coffee Leviste
(featuring Ivan Henares, Kidlat de Guia and JP Tanchanco)

Dinner at Mamou

I've been hearing from my friend Kath that Mamou's steaks are great!

To be perfectly honest - I'm not keen on eating at any Serendra restaurant - because the ones my Panget and I have tried - we were let down. There was only one prior to Mamou that we liked.

But we had to pick Serendra for last Saturday's dinner - as it was requested by one of my Panget's college buddies. And since Panget was a steak lover - Mamou it was!

I liked the fact that the restaurant is following a first and second seating policy. It makes reservations easier and is a little more 'civilized'. This so reminds me of the Alaskan cruise I took years ago! Thanks Annie for the great service!!

Anyhoo - I got the Beer Battered Fish and Chips while my Panget opted for the Twin Steak!

Beer Battered Fish and Chips

The Fish and Chips were just alright - I was expecting something more, a better kick or more pieces! But it was really done in a very simple manner. But what was nice about this dish is that they serve it with 2 sauces - one was the tartar sauce and the other was the malt vinegar sauce. At first it may seem odd that there was a vinegar sauce, I mean I've actually never seen a Fish and Chips dish served with any other sauce except for the usual tartar sauce, so this was definitely different. When I dipped it and tasted it - my gosh, I was amazed! The flavor was all over! It tasted great! Which was really unexpected. I liked the vinegar more than the tartar sauce! It was more yummy! But I think one needs to get used to the vinegar taste. Hehehe..

Twin Steak
(I'm not sure on the name, but I heard it was called that)

My Panget on the other hand loved loved loved the steak! I noticed that he was eating quite slower than the rest of us, when I asked him this (after dinner) - he told me that he was savoring every bite! He was making it a point to eat very slowly so could enjoy each bite more! There was one complaint though - it was very oily and the plate wasn't tilted as it was supposed to be. But he was very satisfied with the steak, I mean very satisfied. He's a steak guy and for him to praise Mamou's steak - well that only means one thing, it was really good! He also loved the sidings of Corn and Mashed Potatoes - I loved them too!

A closer look.. yummy right??

If you're looking for a great steak place - go to Mamou! It's the best my Panget has tried so far! I believe him - and look at the images we took - it looks soooo good!

Tel. 02-856-3569
Cel. 0917-8162668

Boston 3 - Lakers 1

Friday, June 13, 2008

I really love Green and White!!

Thank goodness they caught up!!

Thank goodness!!

I so love that the Lakers lost!

Hahaha!! :)

1 more game!! :)

Let's go!!

We have a winner!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

For the nth time.. I've won my Panget a prize!!

And this time, it's a Philips Go Gear 2GB.

Ever since we got together, he's been winning a lot of prizes! I've been telling him that I must be his lucky charm! Yes, yes, yes!


Golden Oreos!!

I am ecstatic, delighted and on a high!!

I'm so glad they make 'Golden' Oreos!! (snaps for Nabisco!!)

I am not a fan of chocolates thus, my Oreo experience is just contained to consuming the 'stuff' in the middle!!

I got my stash from S&R!! :)

Long live the Golden Oreo!! :)

Remarkable Hilary Clinton

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Saturday night, I was having a hard time sleeping. I was channel surfing, hoping to get bored and somehow sleepy. During these wee hours - I try and take a sneek peak on the US news channels, hoping to have a glimpse of what's hot and new over there. I was in luck! Hilary Clinton was giving her exit speech.

I just have to give snaps to her speech writer! The speech was brilliantly written - it didn't seem long! And I really can feel the emotion on the speech. While listening to her, I so much admired her strength - conceding is not easy but she made it look easy. She repeated countless of time that she is behind Barack Obama and asks her supporters to support him.

How I wish that politics here in the Philippines is the same.

I salute you Hilary Clinton! You are truly great!

To read the full text of her speech - click HERE.

As for my favorite lines, here they are:

to the moms and dads who came to our events, who lifted their little girls and little boys on their shoulders and whispered in their ears, “See, you can be anything you want to be.

I entered this race because I have an old-fashioned conviction: that public service is about helping people solve their problems and live their dreams. I’ve had every opportunity and blessing in my own life – and I want the same for all Americans. Until that day comes, you will always find me on the front lines of democracy – fighting for the future.

I understand that we all know this has been a tough fight. The Democratic Party is a family, and it’s now time to restore the ties that bind us together and to come together around the ideals we share, the values we cherish, and the country we love.

Could a woman really serve as Commander-in-Chief? Well, I think we answered that one. And could an African American really be our President? Senator Obama has answered that one.

Now, on a personal note – when I was asked what it means to be a woman running for President, I always gave the same answer: that I was proud to be running as a woman but I was running because I thought I’d be the best President. But I am a woman, and like millions of women, I know there are still barriers and biases out there, often unconscious.

There are no acceptable limits and there are no acceptable prejudices in the twenty-first century.

The last one is my favorite line!

I've never been interested with US Politics but when I learned that Obama and Hilary were gunning for the commander-in-chief post - I became interested!

I loved the speech! While reading through the text - I can still imagine her delivering it!

Free Make-Over from Guerlain & YSL

Friday, June 06, 2008

Free make-overs!

Coolness!! :)

Don't miss this once in a lifetime chance!! Mark your calendars!!

June 14
June 21
June 28

Please don't forget to book!!
Rustan's Makati - 813-3739
Rustan's Shangri-La - 633-4636 local 122

Sex and the City: The Movie

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good thing I brought with me somewhat low/close to none expectations.. because...

I so LOOOOOOOOOOVED the movie!!

I'm not a big fan of the show, I mean I like it and watch it, but I don't go into too much show details (like I do on FRIENDS). The movie was wonderful - it was a long version of the TV show, which was great! I mean, it was like watching a marathon!

Michael Patrick King - was GOOOOOOOD!! I mean to transition from a TV show to a movie - he did a very good job!! The movie didn't feel too long (it was almost!) but it was just alright. I think if you're confined to have everyone's story wrapping up in 2 hours - he did it fashionably great!

So, what were my favorite parts of the movie: (they come in no particular order)
WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!
  • The gorgeous walk-in closet! I think most everyone will want that kind of closet! Paging Panget! I want that one too!!
  • The Toss-Take fashion show! I loved how they kept the old dresses!!
  • Seeing the 4 gals walk together!
  • Did you see that fabulous Vivienne Westwood dress? I would love to have one that is just as fabulous! (but seeing her have a hard time getting in the car - it was quite a turn off) But it was beautiful on her! It was so Carrie!
  • When Carrie hit Big (so many times!) with her bouquet! That was such a GREAT scene! I mean for all the pain and sufferings Carrie went through throughout the show (years).. It was what he deserved!! I can watch that scene so many times and not get tired of it! hahaha!!
  • The look on Steve's face when he admitted to having a one-night-stand. I can't imagine what was going through his head as he did the scene. He was terrified and guilt-striken! It looked so 'real' for me
  • The opening scene when Carrie was walking down the street.
  • When Carrie was reading aloud the Love Letters. Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever ours. Now, that was powerful!
  • At the rehearsal dinner when Samantha lashed out on Big's partner! That scene was a winner!!
  • I love love love the monologues!!
I think there are a lot more, I'd need to watch it again (believe me, it's worth it!)

As for the parts that almost made me cry: (again, in no particular order)
  • The part where Miranda said 'You broke us'
  • When Miranda and Steve got back together on the Brooklyn Bridge!
  • The bouquet hitting scene! And the angered look of Charlotte?! I've never seen her that angry.
  • When Big called the night before unable to explain what he was feeling. I knew it wasn't going to happen.
  • The Charlotte-Big-outside the restaurant scene - I so felt what Charlotte was going through (sans her water breaking!)
  • Samantha letting go of Smith

I never realized how I much I missed seeing Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha on screen till last night!! It saddened me a bit that this was THE last episode/ending - I wanted more! But can they still make more? Hmmm... I hope they can!!

Note: Need to bring Panget to watch this with me. Thanks Annie for the movie 'date'!! :)

There's one complaint though.. the editing - it was really bad, I mean really really really bad!! (Might have been the MTRCB's working.. You'll never know!)

A Photo Shoot!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

This morning - because of my Panget's friend Marbee - I was part of a photo shoot for her magazine. For the first time in my entire life did I feel like a model. I was made-up by Barbi Chan, Maybelline's Chief Make-Up Artist, my hair was done by the loveable Jerry Javier of L'oreal Professional and who shot us? Well, it's non other than Pat Dy himself! Loved it! Loved it to bits!!

I have to give snaps to my BFF KI - she was with me the whole time!!

Thanks Marbee! Thanks Barbi! Thanks Jerry! Thanks Pat!

At the end of the shoot, here's what I got!!

Yeyness!! Freebies! Who doesn't love freebies!!