My Pepper Lunch experience..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Okay, let's be honest here.. When my Panget and I tried Sizzling Pepper Steak at Trinoma last year, we weren't impressed - at all. The food was well, it was just alright and the fact that you needed to cook it yourself - well, that was such a turn off to my Panget. He always tells me - why pay for food that you yourself will cook! Hahaha.. I partially agree, but I guess that's the fun in it right?! Cooking your own meal at a restaurant!

So when I read from Chuvaness' blog last year that she's opening the original Pepper Lunch here. I got curious - so what's the difference, right? I mean seriously - they both have the same idea - and practically the same name too!! I really wanted to try it out!

Chicken Pepper Rice
comes with a FREE drink!

Last Wednesday - I was able to try the place out with fellow bloggers Sophie, Phoebe, JV, Juned, Fran and AJ. We all loved Pepper Lunch!

Can you see the crushed pepper?

I can't get enough! I just had to post this, again!

For a person who's NOT eaten rice for 18 months - the Chicken Pepper Rice was the BEST fried rice I've tasted!! Hahaha.. The wait was soooooooo worth it!! I loved it! And I think I wanted more! (I honestly did!) Everything looked great! I was spying on most everyone's meals! Not only did I see happy faces, I think most enjoyed the Pepper Lunch experience! I just have to say that I secretly envied all those who ordered the beef! Geez! What a great time to NOT eat meat! Argh!! But in fairness - my Chicken Pepper Rice was the bomb!! :) I'd love to have it again! I can't wait to bring my Panget here!! :)

I so loved the peppery taste! I kept on telling Sophie! The flavors were exploding in my mouth! What I loved most was the temperature of the food. The sizzling plate kept the food hot (not warm!) just the way I liked it! Add to that the two wonderful sauces! Brown Honey Sauce and Garlic Soy Sauce - I'd have to say that I like them both because, one was salty and the other was sweet! Such a perfect combination for a salty/sweet lover like me! I took turns even portioning my food in half - just to enjoy both sauces!

Pepper Lunch was wonderful - add to that a great dinner group - well, it's almost perfect!! Why do I say almost perfect? Well, it would have been perfect if I ate meat! Argh!! But no regrets..

I am honestly at a loss for words, that's why it took so long for me to write this up! I think one should experience Pepper Lunch to see what I mean. As for the difference? You have to try it out yourself to see.. :)

Reviews of the 'Dinner Group':
AJ - Pepper Lunch is Pepper Lunch!
Fran - I love you Pepper Lunch!
JV - Pepper Lunch at Rockwell kills the no rice diet
Juned - Pepper Lunch.. its the steak
Phoebe - When foodies unite at Pepper Lunch
Sophie - My 'initiation' at Pepper Lunch

I found it really funny that outside the resto (and inside too!) - there's a flat screen TV showing you the correct cooking methods! I mean, how hard can it be right? Well, that's the tricky part - if you're coming in for the first time - you better watch the video, so you'll know what to do - You won't need to panic when your food arrives! Hahaha... :) I am one who loves watching cooking shows - it's so soothing and calming! I love watching them work around the kitchen - now, why am I saying this? Well, I found the video really relaxing! Hahahaha.. (I know, out of topic!!) Click here to watch the video


  1. Ooohhh I'm so inggit! I haven't been there but I'm going soon---very soon!

  2. Hi Patty! I want to go back rin!! :) You wanna go during the lean hours 1:30 - 6:00pm :)

  3. my officemate just had lunch there today awww namimiss ko na pepper lunch! :)

  4. i have been living under a rock or way south. where is pepper lunch again? :)

  5. Hi Fran! Let's go back! hahaha..

    Hello Sab! It's at the resto level at Power Plant Mall

  6. that sure looks deletable! i should check it out :)

  7. Hi Estan! Do check it out! It's really yummy. Come to think of it, I'm craving for some Chicken Pepper Rice!