Friday, May 02, 2008

It was such a wonderful movie! I loved it to bits!

Thinking of watching it again!! Hahaha.. :)

Robert Downey, Jr. was perfect!

I loved Jon Favreau too!! He did great on this movie!

Loved the humor!!

Never had a dull moment.

Seriously! Watch it!


  1. loved every second of it too, sis! grabe... ive always loved downey jr, way back his Chances Are days pa... i love him even more now! hahaha...
    too bad i didnt get to see his Chaplin movie...

    anyway, Iron Man was one of my hubby's favorite superheroes, and this movie didnt disappoint him!

    must watch talaga sha no!

  2. It was really good!! It was well worth the wait..

  3. didnt thought robert downey would be a good tony starks, but i was wrong

  4. RDJr was perfect! Reel or Real!