Monday, May 12, 2008

Just had dinner here!

The Food was absolutely great!!

Here's a photoblog:

Signage outside (I don't know why I took a pic!)

Shrimp Balls - super yummy!

Bamboo Shells with Egg (sans shells..) yummy!!

Fried Eel - super yummy!

Disappointing - super thin crabbies!

Ahong Seafood Restaurant
Mother Ignacia Street,
Quezon City


  1. hi achi!! been wnting to try ahong out since last year :) is it expensive ba? :)

  2. Hi fran! Yeah, it's quite pricey..

  3. hi candishhh we love eating out and i've heard much about this ahong and that the chef from city best in tomas morato moved here. how much was 1 order of the fried eel, the bamboo shells in egg and the shrimp balls? would you say they were small or medium-sized orders? thanks :-)

  4. Hi Molly! I forgot what the cost exactly, as for the size of the dishes - they're just medium sized. Hope I helped somehow!

  5. hi candishhh i tried ahong na the food is really good..i actuallt eat there once a week now with family and friends. Thanks to you and we found a new favorite chinese resto

  6. Hello Anonymous! It's really yummy there ano?! You're very welcome!! Hope you visit my blog again!