Gunshots in the middle of the night!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I woke up to the sound of continuous gunshots - if memory serves me right - it was about 6 to 8 shots - fired one after another. It seemed like our area was under attack!

I got scared and curious - thus, I looked outside my room to see what happened. Everything seemed normal. The dogs weren't barking like crazy, everything was quite and calm.

So what happened?

I wondered if I was just dreaming - but as I laid on bed again, I got a little paranoid. I prayed and asked to fall asleep once more since it was just 3:30am.

This morning I asked my mom if she heard shots - she did! Even our helpers heard the shots and tried to look for where it came from. Our driver Allan said that he was also woken up with the shots and from where he was sleeping - it seemed like it was close by. He looked for where it came from - it came from across the river from our backyard. Apparently - the house across the river was owned by Alicia Alonzo - which in turn was the 'shooting' place of the teleserye Lobo.

How ironic - we heard shooting from the 'shooting' of Lobo (the teleserye)


  1. achi didi, i live near the place where they shoot lobo.. are you by any chance from rolling hills? :)

  2. Hiya Kim! Nope! Not in Rolling Hills - mejo lalayo pa ng konti! Hehehe.. :)