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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My BFF KI was looking for a nice light everyday bag - she said she saw one online at Schu's website and was hoping that it was available here in Manila..

Lo and Behold when we were about to enter Schu - Trinoma's store - there was a sign that said :

I was immediately taken!  I am so in love with shoes!  And so I scouted for my first pair - and found one in less than 2 minutes!  The second pair was rather harder to find - it took me more than 20 minutes!  But man, was it worth it!  For Php900.00 a pop - that's not bad!  Not bad at all!!

I was just surfing and found that Schu has a multiply site - and indeed - the promo is available on all branches!  

Happy shoe shopping gals and guys!  (guys, it the perfect time to 'gift' shop!!)

By the way - it's available for both shoes and bags!!

Promo period:  May 16 - June 1

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