Buon Giorno

Friday, May 09, 2008

This was taken last 2006 when I went to Tagaytay

I heard from Sophie and Oliver that Buon Giorno opened a branch in Mandaluyong - to be honest, I was skeptical. Two years ago, I wasn't impressed with their food when I tried it with my parents. The service actually sucked big time. The only thing I remember was that their tarragon tea was good - the bad part was that there was a huge fly that was floating in my mom's teacup! Yucky!

So anyway, yesterday - my Panget wanted to dine in a new place. Something different. I asked Sophie and she suggested we try Buon Giorno. And we did!

I never thought that there was an area for resto in the Puregold Shaw compound. Maybe because I haven't been in the area for a long time! It took us a while to find the resto because of the rains! And when we did - we opted to dine al fresco - sitting on their famous Opium Bed.

The weather was perfect despite the rains!

We ordered a pasta dish for me, a 2-in-1 pizza, and the prime rib for my Panget.

Aglio Olio Pasta

The pasta was very tasty. I love the fact they they did not scrimp on the garlic and the tomatoes. One complaint, the menu said it had anchovies - but I didn't get to taste any. I tried to look for it and I found that the shreds of anchovies were incorporated in the oil. I guess the garlic and tomatoes were too powerful for me to have tasted the anchovies - since they were just shreds.

Prime Rib

My Panget was impressed with the size of the steak. I mean for the price - it was quite big! But as for the taste - he said that it was 'not too shabby' - it lacked a little more flavor. He wanted it to be hotter and even suggested to me that it might be nice served on a hot plate (not a sizzling plate! But just a hot plate)

2-in-1 Pizza
Seafood Pizza and Quattro Formagi

The Seafood Pizza was suggested by Sophie, while for the Quattro Formagi - well, my Panget is a fan of cheeses. Both Pizzas were just alright, nothing out of the ordinary. It was just okay. I liked the tomato sauce on the Quattro Formagi.

Panna Cotta

This was the most disappointing. I mean for Php146.00 a pop - I was expecting a more fine and smooth textured dessert. The taste was just okay, it wasn't 'wow'. Panna Cotta for me is a very delicate dessert thus it says so much about the restaurant and how they are when preparing a dish.

But overall - my Panget and I enjoyed our dinner maybe because we dined al fresco. The weather although raining was very nice too! I love the cool air! (such a contrast from the hot weather on a summer day!)

Will I visit again? Why not?!

Buon Giorno
Liberty Center
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong
Tel. 710-3515


  1. yummy!

    hello there! found you through GT

  2. wanna taste my panna cotta?:)

  3. achie didi! i've been wanting to try bun giorno ever since it opened sa shaw a few weeks ago but never really had the initiative :( will try this weekend but will skip the panna cotta haha

  4. i love the tagaytay buon giorno naman ;)

  5. Hello Chell! Thanks for dropping by! I love GT!

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    Hi Kim! Try natin! Tara!!

    Hiya Franny! Whenever I pass by - I have this thought in my head 'Bad Service!' Hahaha...