Bigoli at Trinoma

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I saw tarps all over Trinoma advertising Bigoli - this newly opened Italian restaurant located at the cinema level.  Since my Panget and I were not in the mood to roam around to look for restaurants - we gave it a go.  Looking at the menu - it seemed promising because it was serving  affordable Italian cuisine.  I honestly was expecting this place to be somewhat like Sbarro or Amici - it seems like so because the ambiance was quite the same.  It was, an Italian fast food - simply put.  

Now, what do you expect to get from an Italian fast food?  Honestly?  Affordable and somewhat yummy pastas and pizzas.  I won't say the best - because since it's a fast food - you can't expect to have the 'best' ingredients served right?  But still - we gave it a chance.  My Panget ordered their Aglio Olio and a slice of the Meatlovers Pizza, while I got the Puttanesca pasta and a Cheese Overload Pizza.

When the Aglio Olio arrived - it looked as if it was made in record time.  Fine, it's a fast food alright but you know what I mean - it should at least look presentable!  I think Jollibee and McDo's spaghetti did a better job with the presentation.  I took the first bite - my golly - the noodles were overcooked!  I couldn't even twist my fork properly to get some noodles because it was very durog!  The taste was also bad - it tasted so bland!  There was no flavoring at all despite having slices of garlic and olives!  Plus, it was just warm - not hot!  But just warm.  Hmmm...  

In fairness - the pizzas tasted good.  I loved the cheese overload pizza!  I think it was because they added flavor to the crust by mixing it with herbs.'

My Puttanesca pasta was also bad!  The noodles were overcooked (I wasn't surprised anymore) and I didn't even get to taste the anchovies!  (which the cashier said was the selling point of the Puttanesca)

It was such a bad dinner - but then again, it's fast food - so I think I should have not expected too much.

In the end I told the Nelson, the manager my complaints - he said he'd look into it.  I just hope he really looked into it.

One good thing about the resto - they serve unlimited garlic bread sticks - and they're delish, especially if they came right from the oven!