Angels Kitchen

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My good friend Kath is the daughter of one of the owners - thus we usually dine here whenever we meet up. One thing I love about this resto is that they serve really yummy home cooked meals! They've just added more items to their menu! Yipee!

There seems to be a fad for the Fish Casseroles. I think Cook Book Kitchen started it; my brother told me that Moksha also has a yummy fish casserole, and now Angel's Kitchen has their own version! Coolness!! :)

I decided to order:

Parmesan Fish with Cesar Dressing

A closer look..

My Panget got this:

Spareribs with XO Rice
(he loved the XO Rice that he ordered another serving!)

Yummy yummy rice!

My BFF Kim had this:

Beef Pot Roast

Sel ordered the soup:


Angel's Kitchen
Connecticut Street,
Tel. 721-8822

Elle's Birthday..

The baby in my Panget's family turned a year old barely 2 weeks ago.

I just want to share her birthday cake, the theme of the party was 'Under the Sea' and that's her big-ass cake!!

There was one detail on the cake that floored me - it was the corals....

I never expected to see that much coral detail on the cake!!

She also made this dessert buffet:

Chef Sasa

Gunshots in the middle of the night!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I woke up to the sound of continuous gunshots - if memory serves me right - it was about 6 to 8 shots - fired one after another. It seemed like our area was under attack!

I got scared and curious - thus, I looked outside my room to see what happened. Everything seemed normal. The dogs weren't barking like crazy, everything was quite and calm.

So what happened?

I wondered if I was just dreaming - but as I laid on bed again, I got a little paranoid. I prayed and asked to fall asleep once more since it was just 3:30am.

This morning I asked my mom if she heard shots - she did! Even our helpers heard the shots and tried to look for where it came from. Our driver Allan said that he was also woken up with the shots and from where he was sleeping - it seemed like it was close by. He looked for where it came from - it came from across the river from our backyard. Apparently - the house across the river was owned by Alicia Alonzo - which in turn was the 'shooting' place of the teleserye Lobo.

How ironic - we heard shooting from the 'shooting' of Lobo (the teleserye)

My Pepper Lunch experience..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Okay, let's be honest here.. When my Panget and I tried Sizzling Pepper Steak at Trinoma last year, we weren't impressed - at all. The food was well, it was just alright and the fact that you needed to cook it yourself - well, that was such a turn off to my Panget. He always tells me - why pay for food that you yourself will cook! Hahaha.. I partially agree, but I guess that's the fun in it right?! Cooking your own meal at a restaurant!

So when I read from Chuvaness' blog last year that she's opening the original Pepper Lunch here. I got curious - so what's the difference, right? I mean seriously - they both have the same idea - and practically the same name too!! I really wanted to try it out!

Chicken Pepper Rice
comes with a FREE drink!

Last Wednesday - I was able to try the place out with fellow bloggers Sophie, Phoebe, JV, Juned, Fran and AJ. We all loved Pepper Lunch!

Can you see the crushed pepper?

I can't get enough! I just had to post this, again!

For a person who's NOT eaten rice for 18 months - the Chicken Pepper Rice was the BEST fried rice I've tasted!! Hahaha.. The wait was soooooooo worth it!! I loved it! And I think I wanted more! (I honestly did!) Everything looked great! I was spying on most everyone's meals! Not only did I see happy faces, I think most enjoyed the Pepper Lunch experience! I just have to say that I secretly envied all those who ordered the beef! Geez! What a great time to NOT eat meat! Argh!! But in fairness - my Chicken Pepper Rice was the bomb!! :) I'd love to have it again! I can't wait to bring my Panget here!! :)

I so loved the peppery taste! I kept on telling Sophie! The flavors were exploding in my mouth! What I loved most was the temperature of the food. The sizzling plate kept the food hot (not warm!) just the way I liked it! Add to that the two wonderful sauces! Brown Honey Sauce and Garlic Soy Sauce - I'd have to say that I like them both because, one was salty and the other was sweet! Such a perfect combination for a salty/sweet lover like me! I took turns even portioning my food in half - just to enjoy both sauces!

Pepper Lunch was wonderful - add to that a great dinner group - well, it's almost perfect!! Why do I say almost perfect? Well, it would have been perfect if I ate meat! Argh!! But no regrets..

I am honestly at a loss for words, that's why it took so long for me to write this up! I think one should experience Pepper Lunch to see what I mean. As for the difference? You have to try it out yourself to see.. :)

Reviews of the 'Dinner Group':
AJ - Pepper Lunch is Pepper Lunch!
Fran - I love you Pepper Lunch!
JV - Pepper Lunch at Rockwell kills the no rice diet
Juned - Pepper Lunch.. its the steak
Phoebe - When foodies unite at Pepper Lunch
Sophie - My 'initiation' at Pepper Lunch

I found it really funny that outside the resto (and inside too!) - there's a flat screen TV showing you the correct cooking methods! I mean, how hard can it be right? Well, that's the tricky part - if you're coming in for the first time - you better watch the video, so you'll know what to do - You won't need to panic when your food arrives! Hahaha... :) I am one who loves watching cooking shows - it's so soothing and calming! I love watching them work around the kitchen - now, why am I saying this? Well, I found the video really relaxing! Hahahaha.. (I know, out of topic!!) Click here to watch the video

NEW Template is back!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's back!

Thanks goodness!! :)

Thank you blogger for fixing the bugs!!

This is what's WRONG with my template!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's boggling me is - HOW THE HELL DID THE ADD A PAGE ELEMENT move to another location? I never touched it, I swear!!!!


David Cook!!!!

WE have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so loved the Mike Meyer's Guru!!

I loved the Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr - Galdys Knight segment..

Most of all - I loved the George Michael feature!! Yehaaaaaaa!!

This has got the BEST American Idol Finale, ever!!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If you know children with CLEFT LIP (no age limit) or PALATE (till 12 years old) send them to SOFITEL PHILIPPINE PLAZA on May 22 Thursday.

Pre-Register with CAROL at HRD 551-5555 for pre-screening.

FREE SURGERY Sponsored by Caritas.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My blog is currently under construction.

I've reverted back to my old template for the mean time...

I ask for your patience!!!

And prayers! Hahaha... :)

Ms. Vance Collona

Monday, May 19, 2008

One of the if not the BEST customer service representative I've spoken to in years!

and she's from the Cebu Pacific hotline! 70-20-888

The person I spoke before her dropped my call when I asked for her name. Bad move! And so when I called back - it was Ms. Vance Collona who took my call and assisted me. She told me firs and foremost that they're NOT allowed to drop their calls! She was very patient, very helpful and very eager to finish the transaction! She's good at what she does! She even helped me track down the CSR I spoke to who dropped the call! Now, that's great customer service!

I couldn't believe that she was so willing to help me! Most of the CSR I spoke to help only to a certain extent! But Ms. Vance Collona - she exceeded my expectations!

Mabuhay ka Vance!!

I just hope I got your name right!

And because of the superb customer service given me - you deserve a SPOT here in my blog! Good work girl! It's people like you that make me believe that there are still good and helpful people out there!

For anyone who knows who she is, please tell her that I'd love to post her pic here!!

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My BFF KI was looking for a nice light everyday bag - she said she saw one online at Schu's website and was hoping that it was available here in Manila..

Lo and Behold when we were about to enter Schu - Trinoma's store - there was a sign that said :

I was immediately taken!  I am so in love with shoes!  And so I scouted for my first pair - and found one in less than 2 minutes!  The second pair was rather harder to find - it took me more than 20 minutes!  But man, was it worth it!  For Php900.00 a pop - that's not bad!  Not bad at all!!

I was just surfing and found that Schu has a multiply site - and indeed - the promo is available on all branches!  

Happy shoe shopping gals and guys!  (guys, it the perfect time to 'gift' shop!!)

By the way - it's available for both shoes and bags!!

Promo period:  May 16 - June 1

My NEW Template!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Check it out!!

See how it is!!

And answer my poll ======>

So?  How do you like it?!  (be honest!)

Cebu Pacific ZERO Fare Promo!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


People have been booking like crazy since this afternoon!!

I myself am booked to Bangkok in September!



Monday, May 12, 2008

Just had dinner here!

The Food was absolutely great!!

Here's a photoblog:

Signage outside (I don't know why I took a pic!)

Shrimp Balls - super yummy!

Bamboo Shells with Egg (sans shells..) yummy!!

Fried Eel - super yummy!

Disappointing - super thin crabbies!

Ahong Seafood Restaurant
Mother Ignacia Street,
Quezon City

Chateau Hestia

When going to Tagaytay - it's almost always that we dine at Antonio's - I gather since we travel far and long (yes, it's a long travel for me!) we deserve to treat ourselves with good quality food. And so when my Panget told me that we were having Sunday lunch at Tagaytay - I immediately assumed Antonio's.

But I was wrong - we were going to a new place called Chateau Hestia. I searched the blog I go to for food - and when I hit the search button. I found an entry! Coolness! At least there's one person who's been there! Since it was fairly new - I was a bit excited!

To be very honest, when going to this place - PRINT A MAP! Hahaha.. We were almost lost going there - because of the heavy rains - thus not seeing the street signs! But we got there - and when we got there - the place was impressive. It was small and very private. The walkway going to the dining area was quite nice actually - but not while it's raining! The welcoming area was quite cozy - the kids got comfy with the place! Hehehe..

Love the walkway...

Dining Area..

Kids getting comfy!

The garden..

The owner/host was very friendly and warm - he immediately introduced himself and welcomed us in. He explained to us the set menu for the day - and also added that there was an ala carte menu.

We ordered the Chicken Veluta and the Osso Bucco, the Potato and Leek soup and the Carrot and Celery soup.

Potato and Leek Soup

The soup was very tasty - I loved the texture and the temperature of the soups was just perfect! ( It rained and you know it's nice to have soup on a rainy day - right?!)

real German beer..

Since my Panget wasn't driving - he opted to try one of the German beers being sold

Chicken Velluto

As for the Chicken Velluto - well, it was just alright - nothing fancy! My Panget's SIL told me to order this dish because it's supposed to be prepared better than a paprika chicken. The chicken was just alright - the sauce was good but I wanted more (I'm a sauce person..) The mashed potatoes were also good!

Osso Bucco

As for the Osso Bucco - my Panget just liked it - in his own words - 'it's not bad!' I tasted the sauce and it was delish - I think it would be better paired with rice - but that's just me! Hahaha..

We didn't get to order any dessert because we were full already! And my Panget's SIL made one!! And since it was mother's day - we were given 2 orders of Panna Cotta - for the 2 mothers that we had on the table.. My Panget loved it - while I liked the texture.

Chocolate Cake by Chef Sasa

Up close..

As for the price - you can say they're quite alright - I mean for the food that was served - it wasn't as expensive as I thought.

Here's the map - it was sent to me by my Panget's sister. Looks like the same of Anton's, thus I'm crediting them both. Thanks guys!! :)

Passport Renewal in a flash!!

We had our passports renewed thru Pilipinas Teleserv Inc.

Although the rate was a bit steep compared to the normal renewal - it was worth every cent!

1) They picked up our required documents
2) We breezed thru DFA in less than 8 minutes!

Pilipinas Teleserv Inc. people were everywhere - they were friendly - ever smiling and most of all courteous and willing to assist!

If you want a hassle-free renewal, sans falling in line and waiting for hours - renew with Pilipinas Teleserv Inc.!!

Rate: Php1,300.00 (Free pick-up of documents and delivery of new machine readable passport)

Tony and Jackey

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am here right now - at this exact moment, at their Tomas Morato branch.

I'm waiting for my stylist - and as I wait..


They have in internet corner!!

Cool right?

Well, yeah!! And I think they have this to make you not notice the waiting time! Hahaha..

Anyhoo, I'm excited to get a haircut!!

By the way - they're having a promo now and it runs until May 24:
Hair cut is only Php300.00
Hair Treatments are at Php3,000.00

Tony and Jackey
Tomas Morato

Buon Giorno

Friday, May 09, 2008

This was taken last 2006 when I went to Tagaytay

I heard from Sophie and Oliver that Buon Giorno opened a branch in Mandaluyong - to be honest, I was skeptical. Two years ago, I wasn't impressed with their food when I tried it with my parents. The service actually sucked big time. The only thing I remember was that their tarragon tea was good - the bad part was that there was a huge fly that was floating in my mom's teacup! Yucky!

So anyway, yesterday - my Panget wanted to dine in a new place. Something different. I asked Sophie and she suggested we try Buon Giorno. And we did!

I never thought that there was an area for resto in the Puregold Shaw compound. Maybe because I haven't been in the area for a long time! It took us a while to find the resto because of the rains! And when we did - we opted to dine al fresco - sitting on their famous Opium Bed.

The weather was perfect despite the rains!

We ordered a pasta dish for me, a 2-in-1 pizza, and the prime rib for my Panget.

Aglio Olio Pasta

The pasta was very tasty. I love the fact they they did not scrimp on the garlic and the tomatoes. One complaint, the menu said it had anchovies - but I didn't get to taste any. I tried to look for it and I found that the shreds of anchovies were incorporated in the oil. I guess the garlic and tomatoes were too powerful for me to have tasted the anchovies - since they were just shreds.

Prime Rib

My Panget was impressed with the size of the steak. I mean for the price - it was quite big! But as for the taste - he said that it was 'not too shabby' - it lacked a little more flavor. He wanted it to be hotter and even suggested to me that it might be nice served on a hot plate (not a sizzling plate! But just a hot plate)

2-in-1 Pizza
Seafood Pizza and Quattro Formagi

The Seafood Pizza was suggested by Sophie, while for the Quattro Formagi - well, my Panget is a fan of cheeses. Both Pizzas were just alright, nothing out of the ordinary. It was just okay. I liked the tomato sauce on the Quattro Formagi.

Panna Cotta

This was the most disappointing. I mean for Php146.00 a pop - I was expecting a more fine and smooth textured dessert. The taste was just okay, it wasn't 'wow'. Panna Cotta for me is a very delicate dessert thus it says so much about the restaurant and how they are when preparing a dish.

But overall - my Panget and I enjoyed our dinner maybe because we dined al fresco. The weather although raining was very nice too! I love the cool air! (such a contrast from the hot weather on a summer day!)

Will I visit again? Why not?!

Buon Giorno
Liberty Center
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong
Tel. 710-3515

H&M coming to Manila?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Are they? or Aren't they?!

Heard this through the grapevine...

And guess who's bringing them in?!

Store Specialist Inc.?


Cinderella Group?


Bench Group?






The SM Group?

You got it!

Hahaha.. I just hope they maintain it being affordable! Unlike that of Gap! Have you seen their prices?! They're hilariously expensive!!

Moonlight and Sandy's Pizza

Monday, May 05, 2008


I've been intrigued with Moonlight since I saw an episode on local TV one Friday. I immediately consulted my cyber pal and TV Show addict Mindy about it. She said that the show was new and it started slow.

I asked my Panget to DL for me - he then told me to ask our friend Andy (as he has fast internet connection!) But as it turns out - we never got to see him (to transfer the files) luckily, my Panget's brother downloaded it already! Yeha!!

Last night - I saw 2 episodes.

So far, I'm liking it. Not loving it, but just liking it. There are some boring parts but on the other hand, there were little (just a little) gore! Hahaha...

Sandy's Pizza

It was during the May 1 holiday that I saw this being featured at a local morning TV show. It piqued my fancy because I so love pizzas! I am such a Pizza lover - that I can eat it everyday! At the moment, I am loving Brooklyn Pizza! I love the crust and the toppings!

Yesterday, I told my mom about this pizza place, she then told me to call to order one, but I guess they had too many orders thus their phone was 'not accessible' for most of the afternoon. It was in the evening that I was able to get through. At 10 am today - I called to order one for pick-up. I ordered the Sample Pizza - which has 4 different flavors. I chose 1) Garlic Tuyo (it was their 'specialty' 2) Magherita (for me! I love basil!) 3) White Cheese (for my mom!) 4) Combination (for my brother and dad)

Here is what it looked like:

Sampler Pizza - White Pizza, Combination Pizza
Margherita Pizza and Garlic Tuyo Pizza

Combination Pizza

Garlic Tuyo in Olive Oil

My favorite - the Margherita

I personally loved the Margherita Pizza - simply because of the generous amounts of basil! My mom was disappointed with the White Pizza because it lacked flavor. My dad found the combination Pizza just alright. As for the Garlic Tuyo? Well, I was expecting more tuyo and garlic toppings - it lacked the toppings and looked like it was tinipid. But I am willing to give it another chance

For those interested to order - you can check out her Multiply Site: Sandy's Pizza

It has the menu and the contact numbers. I think they will move to a new location along Jose Abad Santons in San Juan - but currently you can visit them at #154 O. Arellano Street, Barangay Addition Hills, San Juan.

Call them if you're interested to order - they're super friendly - 721-8334 and 721-8329

It's definitely homemade and fresh.