National Burger Day - SOLD OUT!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

If you're going to feature a National Burger Day that will sell burgers at a mere Php88.00 - you should come prepared!!

As of press time - Chili's have STOPPED serving burgers! Reasons are that there were too many orders. Good enough? I think that's crap (sorry!) I don't believe that they've sold them all out - I think the didn't expect the demand would be this big!!

Greenhills Branch - Burgers have SOLD OUT!!
Tomas Morato Branch - They've currently stopped, try again dinner time..
Greenbelt Branch - For dine-in only, hurry because they might run out also!!


  1. i heard about this too. the GH branch claims to have been sold out even before lunchtime. i don't think it was true. maybe they just stopped selling. :( kainis!!

  2. I think they just stopped, but my friends who tried the QC branch said they were able to get some take-out at around 11pm na..

  3. was able to eat at GH around 6pm. they ran out of buns not patties and were actually offering burgers with white bread or just the patties with fries of course.

  4. press release lang nila yun didi! yun din sabi samin when we ordered our second burgers... pero kinulit namin tapos BIGLA meron na ulit!

    yun din sabi samin nung i was waiting for a table, not true also since we got to eat right away AND have the pictures to prove it! :)

  5. Hi Bny! I saw nga your pics eh!! Kakainggit naman!! But it was nice they offered the patties ah!!

    Hello Oliver! Hope everything is well with your injury! Hahaha.. Anyways, I called GH and Tomas tapos they kept on telling me na UBOS na ang burgers! Talagang sold out na raw.. Hay nako! Sayang, na-isahan kami dun ah!!

  6. maaga si doc jeff sa chili's kaya naubos mga P88 burgers!!!

  7. u8mypinkcookiesApril 07, 2008 9:37 PM

    now that s*cks.. :(

  8. It's a good thing I heard about this after it's over. Otherwise, I would have lined up too and got disappointed. I agree with you about being prepared. Reminds me of the same problem when they attempted the longest buffet at eastwood.

  9. Hi Spanx! He went late na nga raw eh!

    Hello u8mypinkcookies! Super kakainis nga eh, kasi they said over the phone ubos na pero meron pa pala!!

    Hiya Em! What happend in Eastwood naman before? Hehehe..