Go! Kitty Go!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I love love love her!

I think that she's brilliant and she's got guts!!

My friend KY was the one who introduced me to her book - and since then, my gosh - I catch myself reading it over and over again. Her first book 'When Chic Hits the Fan' was such a entertaining read! I remember being awake till 5am because I couldn't put it down! It was that juicy!

Then, I learned that she wrote another book - Chic Happens. It was unfortunate that I missed her launching party in Rockwell - I would have had the chance to meet her. It was really unfortunate, I regret not going.. till now! Hahaha..

I have long looked for her email address - I've been sending her emails on her old addresses before and got nothing but bounces! But luckily got hold of a new address - I took the chance and sent her an email - AND just last March 24 - I got the shock of my life, when I saw in my inbox an email from her! She replied! It did go through!! Better yet - she effing replied!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Anyways, I was just surfing the web - looking at the Chikatime.com site and saw that she was being interviewed on TV! Kitty Go in the flesh - on TV! I thought - wow! I had to watch it!

And I did.

She's still brilliant as ever!!

I still love her!!

Watch this - and I'm sure, somehow - you'll love her - buy her books - they're sooooo worth it! Believe me!!!!


Here's here interview - got it from youtube! Thanks teamcaptain28


  1. Interesting!!! Mabasa nga :) Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. Hi Aline! Go read it! Intruiging sobra! I'd have to look for my list of the characters though.. hahahaha!!

  3. Candishhh,

    Of course kitty go will reply. I guess for you to be her fan. Para may tiga-paypay sya. To add more hangin in her huge ego. Are you willing to be used ? *think think*

  4. Hi Liza, thanks for dropping by. I'm a fan definitely! But how is she going to use me? I don't see that angle.. at all. Hahahaha!!