Rice problems..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's been more than a year already - since I stopped eating rice..

I'm thinking of eating it again..

Mainly because I need the energy to burn since I'm going back to my Yoga practice. I feel so weak at times when practicing..

I might just go back to eating it again....

I'm hesitant...


On the side.. I passed by NFA along Del Monte Avenue - I asked the person selling NFA Rice on the counter if there was indeed a shortage of rice. He said there really wasn't - because if there was - the warehouse won't be full. He pointed the warehouse - and it was indeed full to the brim! I told him that I heard on the radio that the NFA rice was being sold at a low price just to accommodate the demand, he smirked! He said it was not being sold at a loss - and smiled mischievously. My mom has said time and again that these issues were just set out to cover something big... What can that big thing be?! Hmmm...


  1. Oo nga eh.. I think kahit konti lang pwede na.. I'm still torn eh..

  2. I think rice in your diet is ok when you pick the better kind of rice.

    White rice = empty calories. It's just a tummy filler.

    Brown rice = rich in fiber and multi B vitamins. Women who eat brown rice weigh less than those who go for white rice!

    The only downside, brown rice isn't as smooth as white rice. You have to get use to the texture but it's no biggie. :)

    Or just go with more sides. Like have sweet corn as sub for rice.

  3. Hi superwool! Thanks for dropping by! I might have to try brown rice nga.. Thanks for the tip!!

  4. You've given up rice? How can any true food-lover survive without eating rice? =)

  5. Hi wysgal! I've survived! I've eaten a LOT though.. Hahaha!! :) Hope you're doing well!!