David Cook performance - llllloved it!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love it!

His arrangement was so greeeaaaaaaaaaaat!!

Loved it!

And I think so many people did too!!

I wish he sang the whole song.....

MC should be damn proud!!

Listen to it here...

Looks like it's going to be an all male finale, finally!!

See you in the finals David!!


  1. I love him!!!! Waaahhh!!!!

  2. Count me in. It was so fresh, yet I still remember the first time I "fell in love" with the Mariah version. Ang galing na lang talaga.

  3. i like the other david :) cuteyyy

  4. I don't really follow American Idol, but the two performances that stood out for me (and the ones that I can still remember) was when David Cook sang Billie Jean and Always be my Baby. I love how he gives a new dimension to the songs he sings.

    David Archuleta is cute and has an amazing voice. But compared to how the other David has been performing, he needs to really wow everybody.

    Then again, this IS a popularity contenst ;)

  5. yup! love his version of always be my baby, downloaded the studio version..haunting nga...wish someone will sing that to me haha

  6. did you get all the david cook MP3s i sent?

  7. great rendition indeen

  8. yeah, but david archuleta's version of "Think of Me" from Phantom was really mind-blowing! Except for the two high notes, D.C.'s "Music of the Night" yest was really lame. :D

  9. Hi tahn, mac!, fran, nina, dee and sakai - galing noh?!

    Hi spanx! Yup! Got them ALL, a million thanks!!

    Hi Grumpyubanslacker! Thanks for dropping by! I honestly was a little clueless on last night's theme! Hahaha...

  10. I think a David will win this season but I'm not sure whether its Archuleta or Cook.

  11. Hi kegler747! I agree! its going to be a David this year!