Monday, March 31, 2008

Why is it that when you're gaining weight - people tell you that you seem to be losing weight, and when you ARE losing weight - people notice the opposite and say you've gained weight?

Is there some sort of distortions to our eyes?

I have this gauge - that when I am on an exercise regimen and people start telling me that I look to be gaining weight - I am on the right track. Does that seem weird? Hahaha!

Well, I am on a quest (again...) and so far - so good (I think..) Although no one has declared that I've indeed lost weight, hahaha!!

Wish me luck!!

Hopefully - in a month's time I'll be more fit/sexier (than usual.. just kidding!!)


  1. I also share the sentiments regarding people giving comments is different from what you really feel. I wonder why... Somehow I am interested to know the sociological or psychological reason behind this. haha sorry, too nerdy.

  2. Not too nerdy at all!! Thanks for dropping by!! :)

  3. Uhmmm I think when you exercise your muscle expand 1st before it trims .. :P

  4. Good point aline! Never thought about that!