My #1 Luho

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What is my number 1 luho?

Clothes? - nope! I get lazy to shop at times!
Shoes? - not quite but almost there..
Bags? - I think this takes up the #4 spot
Food? - comes only second!
Jewelries? - not even on the list!
Magazines? - does buying OK! Philippines EVERY single month constitute as luho?!

So, what is my #1 luho?

I don't think you'll ever guess....


Who would have thought that I'd be interested in ballpens? Well, my love affair with ballpens I think started when I was still in grade school. It was a trip to Hong Kong that started it all! And since then, I was hooked! I hate to admit it, but up until now - this still has to be my #1 luho ever! Think about it, are you willing to spend for at least Php500.00 for a ballpen? Well, I am! Hahaha! It does sound weird but I tell you if there are people who spend thousands for comics, toys, memorabilia and the likes - I am willing to spend on my ballpens.

One may think why ballpens? Well, I guess when I wag younger, there was lack of good pens - or maybe I was competing with my classmates on who has the pen that writes the smoothest! I don't know, but as long as I remember, I've been loving pens!

So far, I have been loving the foreign brands Pilot, Pentel and Uniball.

These are my weird pen trivias:

- Whenever I go to National Bookstore - I will almost always visit the ballpen section first. I will never leave the bookstore without a pen in tow, never.

- I always ask for at least 6 pieces of pens to sample. I grade them first by trying them on paper, and the smoothest, most resistant free pen will be bought. (Yes, I hoard the papers on the counters!)

- When I find a pen that I like - I buy them by the box.

- Whenever I sign for my credit card bill (or have anything to sign for that matter) I look at the brand, type of pen, and give it a eye-over. I always look at the pen first before signing. It says a lot about the establishment when they use certain types of pens. And when I'm happy with the result - I'd look at it again, remember and buy it when I pass by a bookstore.

- I brought my own set of pens when I went to Beijing to study! (I was that prepared)

- I have a pencil box in my bag at all times. It contains a red, black and blue pen. A mechanical pencil and a Sharpie pentel pen. (that's for those 'you'll never know when you need them' moments)

- When in a foreign country - I love visiting the bookstore's pen area. I always discover something new and buy them - refills included!!

- I have a deep drawer full of pens - and when I'm sad - I look at them, doodle with them and voila - happy mode again!!

- I have my own sets of pens in the office. For those who claim that I've stolen theirs - excuse me but I think my pens are out of their leagues! Seriously! Look at my pens! You won't find them here!

- When I see a pen I like online - I ask a friend to buy it for me if possible. I'm that desperate!

- My favorite local brands of ballpens are: Faster and Panda scented pens.

- I have a favorite body for my ballpens the Sailor Hi-Grade body - I replace the ink inside with Panda's scented ballpens. Unfortunately, Sailor Hi-Grade is no longer available in the market - s mine are considered antique! Hehe..

- My mom, brother, fiance and friends are now convinced that I am the ultimate ballpen expert.

My newest baby would be the Jestream 2&1 (that's the 2nd to the last pen in the picture) It's a multi-pen - which means it has a black and red ink plus a mechanical pencil! It rights so smoothly and I can't seem to put it down! I bought my Panget one also (he lost the pen I gave him when he got held up.. :( ) My friend Kym got this for me in Hong Kong, I initially asked for a different pen - but this was much much much better! Thanks Kymie! :) Mwah!!


  1. well it seems you really like american idol.

  2. oh my god didi! this post is so YOU! you are the ballpen queen! i can attest to that! 20 assorted pens in high school!!!!!!

  3. Wow! Impressive :) I love ballpens too but I am no where in your league!

    My current fave is My Metal from National...pastel metallics...too cute! :)

  4. HI Ron! Yup! I love American Idol!

    HI Kath! Hahaha, it's so ME ba?! I still have that much in the office! Hahaha..

    Hi Joey! Cool! I've never met any person (aside from my BFF) who likes pens too!! Yey!

  5. u should have been a doctor.. daming ballpen na giveaways..hehe

  6. i can relate. my favorite store is national bookstore, and my favorite place in there is the office supplies section. really. i mean stan's major lucky. it's not clothes and bags and shoes and jewelry (okay, i love mmu, so there).

  7. Wow amazing.. I wonder how many pens you have already :)

  8. Hi Sakai! - I don't like those types eh! haha.. Mapili ak.. :)

    Hi Jen! We're the same pala! I was telling my fiance the same thing! Hahaha...

    Hi Aline! I have loads!! A deep drawer full! Imagine I've been collecting since I was 12! :)

  9. Hahaha Didi I used to collect ALL colors of Hybrid! Right down to their milky versions!

  10. Sheyz! Lumalabas ang pagka-ICAn natin ah! Am I right JenCC?? Hahaha!!

  11. didi, don't think it has anything to do with ica! ;)

  12. hiya! what ica batch are you? I was just chatting with a fellow ican here in toronto about those scented pens from way back when...funny friends ba? ni ban pa nga yon sa ica coz everyone was using it at that time. super lakas nung smell. nahihilo daw yung ibang teachers. haha. does anyone else remember this?

  13. hi,

    can't help but post.. i used to collect pens also though i prefer the parker/cross/fountain pen types..

    as for ballpens, do you already have the one from timezone? you can get it for 2 tickets.. its nice.. i always make kulit my daughter to get me a pen whenever she plays in timezone.. i was also given a ballpen yesterday (from jollibee) when i answered some survey... kinda cute and it "smooth" also.. i don't like smudgy ballpens


  14. Hi Anonymous! I'm batch 98 :) I remember the 2nd year Chinese teacher deliberately FAILED those who used scented pens! Nahihilo daw sha! I miss seeing her little kettle! Hahaha... What batch ka? :)

    Hello Anonymous! I have to check out that Timezone pen! Hahaha.. Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Si A-kam ba yon or si A-tan? :)
    I'm batch 93. I saw nga pala a link to Abby's blog. Classmate ko sya before...


  16. Sis! if you can check my blog out, I made my own story of yours.. my experience! Hehe..:D You want to check gsoft.. it's sooo matinta!:D

  17. Hi Debs! IT was A-Kam who had tha little takure! Hahaha.. Small world ah! :) ICAns, unit!! Hihi..

    Hi Ivy! I read nga, hahaha! Na-inspire ka ba? Hihi.. Thanks for dropping by!! :)

  18. i never thought i could find anyone who loves pens as much as i do! i remember, way back when i was in high school, i would go to national bookstore every friday after class to buy pens. i had every color available at national bookstore back then!

  19. Your obsession. I approve!

    Incidentally, have you heard of the Sharpie Liquid pencil? Might be nice to have in your collection :D