Greetings from Subic!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Good Friday and I'm in the main clubhouse of the Subic Yacht Club.

As it is every year - shops here don't close at all!  It's mainly because its one of those days that there area a lot of tourists!! :)

Cheers everyone!

BTW - traffic at the NLEX yesterday was horrendous!!  We left at about 10am and got to Subic at 2 in the afternoon!!

Tried out the new highway and it was smooooooth!!



  1. hola achi!! me naman, i just got back from tagaytay. traffic since thursdays was horrendous as well, we left manila at 10 and we arrived at the hotel at 4pm na..well nag stop over kami for lunch and for a brief snack but still... *sigh* it also took us an hour and a half to get from tagaytay highlands to antonio's grill last night! yikes!!

  2. Hi Fran! I thought SLEX was maluwag! Some1 told us na walang traffic daw sa SLEX! We thought tuloy na everyone wanted to try out the new Clark-Subic HWay!! Hihi..

    My gosh! Highlands ato Antonio's 1 hour and a half? Grabe, ibang klaseng traffic nga yun!!