Finally! Pushing Daisies

Friday, March 14, 2008

I have long long heard that this show was something to look forward to. And last night, I finally saw 3 epis! I really enjoyed watching it. Loved the color, the humor, and the vibrancy of the show! It was like watching an adult version of Cat in the Hat! Loooooooooved it!!

My Panget though said it was just okay - he found it too slow and expression-less. I on the otherhand enjoyed every minute of it!! I just loved it!!

Looking forward to more epis for the Holy Week!!


  1. Wheee! Daisy Pusher ka na!

    Loving Chuck's clothes?

  2. Minds! I love her dresses! They're so adorable! Sabi ko nga kay Panget eh, ako lang ba but like na like ko ah!!