American Idol 7 - Girl's Night

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Borrowed from the American Idol Website

It's the ladies' turn to wow us... Did they? Here's what I think

Kristy Lee Cook
Since she was the first one - it was obvious that she was nervous. I couldn't feel the song - seems like she couldn't give out the proper expression. I know she has a good voice but it didn't show much with the song.

Joanne Borgella
I love this song - but I didn't think it suited her. There were a lot of pitch problems (IMO) but hey - what do I know right?

Alaina Whitaker
This is what I'm talking about!! I can't believe she's just 16!! Her voice reminds me of Carrie Underwood's! (who's dating Chace Crawford aka Nate of Gossip Girl) I love love love this song! Soooooo cute! Nice job! I think of the first 3 - this is the best so far!!

Amanda Overmyer
Firstly - I like her - but her performance - I couldn't understand what she was saying!! It seemed like she was mumbling - maybe because I wasn't familiar with the song. But in fairness - she did make it sound like a rock song. I like the musky-ness of her voice - and she's different!

Amy Davis
It was a bad start and continued on.. A lot of pitch problems (IMO - again) But man, she does look really really good! I mean compared to the Top 24 announcement - she looked really haggard!

Brooke White
Her performance was too sweet for me. She needs to learn how to work the camera - she's pretty so she can romance the camera. I like her voice though - good thing - in the chorus - she was able to save the song! :)

Alexandrea Lushington
Great voice! I must say - I didn't see that coming, I really didn't!

Kady Maloy
She had a wonderful start - very good voice! I agree with Randy that she lost it midway. Wonderful voice though!

I think Simon is getting restless because so far - no one has performed to impress.

Asia'h Epperson
Loved her performance. I have no complaints! Love her voice - love the song. So far, one of the best.

Ramiele Malubay
I'm going to be biased on this one - since she's Pinay - i LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great voice!! Loved everything about her performance! I have this theory - put a Pinoy/Pinay singer on the competition - for sure they'll go far.
Let's go Ramiele!! Confidence up!! Yehaaaaa!!

Syesha Mercado
Good perfomance I think it was a little better than Ramiele's but I still like Ramiele better! Hehehe...

Carly Smithson
I think she didn't do her best. It was just a so-so performance. Not the best - I think she might have sang below par. She was really good during the auditions. *Sad*

I get the feeling that this batch is kinda laid back or rather got too lax in performing. It seemed like it got into their heads that they're part of the Top 24 so they're slacking off. I think they're forgetting that they're fighting for the Top 6 positions (Girls and Boys).. Tsk.. Tsk.. It's crucial for them - they will need to do better next week! That is for those who won't get booted out! It's going to be 'bye, bye' for 2 guys and 2 girls!!

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