First trip for 2008!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

borrowed from this site

This is where I'll be this weekend. Can you guess where this is?

Thanks to the recent announcement of a Special Non-Working Holiday..

I promise to write about my trip when I get back..

I promise!!


  1. I don't know where you're going but I'm jealous already of the fact that you're going on a trip and I'm stuck here.

  2. i know na where!!!! sagada!!! tama ba ko achi? ;) me naman i'll be in ilocos :)

  3. Hi Em! Thanks! :)

    Hi Fran! Galing ah.. :) Cool! You'll be in Ilocos! I heard it's really nice.. :) Pagudpod ba or Fort Ilocanda? Don't forget to check out the tallest (haunted) lighthouse up there! Cheers!!

  4. Sagada! I have never been but I have heard of the Yoghurt House :)

    Have fun!!!

  5. we'll be joining a tour eh so we'll go to vigan, laoag and pagudpud! :) enjoy sagada!!

  6. Hi Joey! Thanks!

    Hello Fran! Visit the (haunted)Light House

    Hi Leela! Thanks for dropping by! You got it!

  7. your blogging again.. good:)