U2 in Manila 2008?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Are they really coming over? If they are - DANG IT!!

I'm gonna buy me tickets!

I know for a fact that they make on helluva show!! :)

When they do come - I'll be able to cross out one item in my list of things to do before I die! Hahaha..


  1. hi! where did you hear the news? that's gonna be exciting!

  2. Hi Ais! Thanks for dropping by! I heard it from friends - you will never believe who they say is also coming - Madonna!!

    I just hope this U2 concert pushes through - cause I'm SURE it's going to be great!!

  3. One man come in the name of love
    One man come and go...

  4. Ruy! I really hope they'd come...

  5. nakowpo!

    kahit isang buwan suweldo...
    dapat sa front row akow!

    kahit dalawang buwan!!

    if this doesn't push through,
    lilipad ako sa sydney during U2's next tour, isa sa favorite countries nila ang oz ",)

  6. Hi Spanx! Thanks for dropping by! I know!! Nakupo talaga! I will really be saving up for this as IN!! I can't wait na! Ito nalang naiisip ko parati! Hahaha..

    If this doesn't see the light - I'm hoping they'd have one in HK or Singapore or Thailand.. Accessible pa yan for me.. If OZ.... I think I may have to take ALL the budget airlines going there.. Hahaha!

  7. didi,

    during the Vertigo tour,
    one of my friends spent P30,000 all in, for the airfare, accomodations, and the concert ticket.

    i've come to accept those terms.

    U2 is worth 30K to me. pag-iipunan ko na!

  8. laos na U2! kung kaylan matatanda na sila ngaun pa pupunta! tangna! puntahan ng mga laos na artist etong pilipinas! pwe!

  9. mga POSEUR!! ina nyo!