Short Changed..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I think I've been short changed this Christmas...

Now - why do I say that? Well, honestly - for the first time in years, I sort of went all out on giving gifts. I did NOT quantify but qualified - I thought that since they were my friends - I will give them what I could - some was even out of the budget.

I always had this idea in my head - High risk = High return. I know it was my mistake to expect and have this kind of idea but honestly - I felt bad.. Hear my side of the story..

Gift #1A - I got what I asked for, well - sort of. It was half of what I asked for. Hahaha! I actually made it clear stating that Friend #1 should be giving me Gift #1A and Gift#1B. But what I got was just one. We actually talked about what to give one another - and to be fair - Friend #1 wanted Gift X to be given and it was (there was even some more!), as for me - I asked for Gift 1A and Gift 1B. Come giving time - I was really eager to get both gifts - but unfortunately - I just got Gift 1A. Huhu... On the bright side.. It was a better Gift #1 than I expected. Hahahahahaha!!

Gift #2A & #2B - I also actually got what I asked for - but like Gift #1A - it was just part of the whole gift. I asked for Gifts #2A, #2B an#2C. It was also agreed that I would get ALL of what I asked for - but what did I get? Let's just say that I got 80% of what I asked for. It was already there - problem is - it was short! Huhuhu... But although it being short - well, I will be enjoying it naman..

Gift #3 - This gift, I was NOT expecting to get AT ALL. It came as a surprise for me! And when I got it - I was DELIGHTED. It came from a person - I NEVER GOT GIFTS from - EVER! I mean when the gift was handed to me - I was jumping inside of happiness - I was literally smiling from ear to ear. And so I thanked THAT person and was even told that it was a great gift and that THAT person thought of me to give. The next day - there was something tugging me to open the gift. I don't know why - but I guess call it instinct - and when I did - LO AND BEHOLD - there was a card addressed to THAT person coming from Unknown Person #1 and Unknown Person #2. WTF?! Argh.. I was already getting worked up - I can already feel the blood rising to my face!! Argh!! I was mad, but of course I kept it to myself first.. Then I did the unthinkable... I sent a text message to THAT person saying that MAYBE there was a mistake of some sort - and you know what THAT person replied? THAT person said that it was indeed given by Unknown Persons #1 & #2 - BUT - it's my gift now. My Gosh!! The nerve!! I can't explain fully what I felt when I received that message - but man it was full of high negative emotion! I mean - if you would indeed recycle gifts - MAKE SURE THAT YOU TAKE OUT ALL THE TAGS!! Argh... And when I saw THAT person - all the respect I had for THAT person - well, it diminished by at least 75%!! I still get asar whenever I remember it. (What made me asar was when she justified it) It would have been much better not to have received anything from THAT person.

Christmas Season is indeed the season of giving and I don't mean to quantify the gifts I have been receiving - but I was expecting the usapan to be followed - but it was not. Of the 3 gifts - I was most heartbroken with Gift #3. I never expected to receive anything from THAT person and when I finally did - it was such a disappointment.

My... My... My...

In all fairness - there was C who surprised me the most - she gave me something really nice this year. It was unexpected - really. And maybe because of that - I loved my gift. To you C - Thanks a bunch!! (I spoke too damn soon!! Okay - I just discovered something... and it was really bad.... tsk.. tsk.. I was about to use the gift - when I noticed some irregularities - (I actually noticed them when I opened the gift - but brushed it away..) and when I took a good look - I discovered... the item was already - USED!! Dang it... People - if you do decide to give others a USED gift.. man, present it more beautifully and FIX it!!)

Lessons learned:

1) If you do decide to recycle gifts - Make sure all the tags are removed and there is NO TRACE of evidence that pertains to the gift being 'recycled'.
2) Wrap the gifts properly so as it looks newly wrapped.
3) DO NOT GIVE GIFTS that have been USED! My gosh - what does that say about you? Tsk.. Tsk..

One word for these people - KARMA!!

Bicol Tripping!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Yes, I just came back from Bicol - what a trip it was!!

It had a stressful start - but the ending was wonderful!

Made new friends and even met Gov. LRey! (Who I'm sure won't remember me! Hahaha...)

Thanks for Carol - our host! Her parents and her sister Cathy.

Thank you for everything!! :)

I will be organizing my pictures (and thoughts) and will be posting soon!!

What is your ULTIMATE FAVORITE U2 song?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A follow-up question to my U2 post....

I know there are so many - but if you had to choose just one..

What will yours be?

Mine is Stuck in a Moment.

I don't know why - but whenever I hear this song, it literally stops me in my tracks..

I was once not a big fan of U2 - what changed it? Well, it was just recently - while watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Bono did this medley of U2 songs - a capella! It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

Can't wait!!

BTW - Leave a comment - share your favorite!! :)

U2 in Manila 2008?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Are they really coming over? If they are - DANG IT!!

I'm gonna buy me tickets!

I know for a fact that they make on helluva show!! :)

When they do come - I'll be able to cross out one item in my list of things to do before I die! Hahaha..