The Weekend that was....

Monday, November 19, 2007

I will be posting in bullets. It was actually a lazy weekend, which I liked!
  • I actually watched an FPJ movie on Channel 2! I was laughing at myself! Hahaha..
  • Went to Megamall to check out my Panget's display booth
  • Ate at Banana Leaf - disappointing Thai food! The Tom Yum Kung was just all broth!
  • Went to get take out at Banapple. Man was I disappointed with the Apple Pie! It tasted really blaaaaaaaaaaah!! But the Banofee Pie was really really good!! :) (I will be posting pictures soon!!)
  • I started my Sunday with a Mass - and I loved it! It truly made my day..
  • Mom bought 1/2 kilos of oysters for a meager Php50.00! She made a delish Oyster Cake!
  • Had an uber lazy afternoon, went to Metrowalk to get some DVDs - bought Superbad, Knocked-Up and I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry.
  • Watched Superbad - it was super bad for me but my Panget loved it! (a guy movie)
  • Ate at Little Asia in Promenade - the food was so so - nothing great. It was filling!
  • Watched Knocked-Up and fell asleep! I guess I was tired! hahaha.. Will continue to watch it tonight!! :)
I am going back to my diet this starting today. I need to lose some weight!! Gained so much on my Bangkok Trip! Hahaha... Wish me luck guys!! :)


  1. Wow interesting weekend.=)
    I spent mine watching the second season of Supernatural on DVD. Also ate out a couple of times with Liv.
    Knocked Up's pretty funny.=)

  2. exercise too.. hehe

  3. Whoopeee for Banapple's Banoffee Pie! It's the best I've tasted! =)

  4. hey di :)
    it was tres fabuleux seeing you tonight! thanks for the thai milk tea brownies -- they were deeelish! Where did your mom get the oysters?

  5. Hi Ruy! I'm too chicken to watch Supernatural alone! Hahaha..

    Hi Doc! Yeah nga eh! I have to resume my Yoga practice!!

    Hi Patty! Thanks for dropping by!

    Hi Kymie! My mom got the oysters in the Dapitan Market - do you want some?

  6. Agree with you on Superbad. When I watched the movie, there were 8 couples inside. My first thought was "Hey, is this a date movie?" But only the guys were laughing.

  7. Di, I watched Knocked Up and I dunno if it's good or not. :o hahaha

    Gonna watch Hairspray soon. See how behind I am when it comes to movies? :-(

    Hey when are we gonna do the buffet thing??? Haha

    Thanks for greeting me on my birthday. Ü

  8. Hi Em! I have to agree with you! I couldn't relate - AT ALL!!

    Hi Sheila! Musta?! Knocked Up was nice naman, it wasn't the best! Hahaha.. Hairspray is nice! I got to catch it on the plane going back to Manila! :) I'm game for the buffet thing! Invite ko si Lawrence ah!!

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  10. yah i have to agree... banana leaf's quality has gone down since it first opened [when it used to be banana leaf & tea house...??] -- no offense to our canadian batchmates... -- is it still theirs...? hehehe

    its hard to find really good roti here... hehehe -- then again i guess i haven't exactly eaten in EVERY single one that serves them...
    i'm used to the turo-turo lang nga eh... and maybe a couple of sitdown places near my old college... and syempre those were "authentic" -- as in run by indian/paki/thai's... [but not as authentic as ACTUALLY coming from those countries coz i've yet to visit...]

    how do you classify banana leaf...? asian fusion...?

    SOMS is wonderful! so cheap pa!! but i can't remember if they have roti...hahahaha only been there a couple of times...
    the thai kitchen isn't so bad either...also reasonably priced...
    but for family sitdown places i have yet to find a really nice place... as in gushing 'this is a great' place! like SOMS hehehe -- crustasia's pretty ok... weird that they put one up on the ledge [in shangri-la] considering there's penang hill na... ok fine penang hill is s'porean but the menu's similar...

  11. Hey N!k/cole - Actually - Som's was just alright - I mean the Pad Thai was REALLY REALLY BAD! It tasted like ketchup! The curries were okay naman. The best thing with Som's is the price - that's it. Crustasia for me is OVERpriced, Penang Hill is alright.