Smart Infinity dinner..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Last night, my Panget's cutie friend M - invited us for a dinner hosted by Smart Infinity at The Fireplace in Hyatt Hotel and Casino. We had no information whatsoever on what the event was for - we were just told to dress in formal attire in black or red - that was it! And so when we got to the place - we were like clueless kids walking into a gathering for the first time! We were greeted warmly by Mr. Johnny Litton - he was such a charmer!

As we entered the restaurant - My Panget and I were actually feeling out of place because those who were invited to the event - well, they were part of the society's big guns! Who were we to be there? We couldn't believe that we were in the midst of the movers and shakers in society. There was the son of the country's biggest mall developer, the wife of the co-owner of the country's biggest mall developer's hardware department, the grand son of the country's foremost broadsheet, the editor of a known fashion glossy, the newly appointed ambassador to China, the bag hag herself (I couldn't believe she was sharing a table with us!), the jeweller of the celebrities, and of course M and her husband E.

We were served with 6 course meal that consisted of a salad, soup, fish dish, sorbet, main entree and of course - dessert! Below is the actual menu of what they served us!

(picture to follow)

The salad was great - the bisque with Cognac was even greater! I loved it's flavor - it was perfect! - as M would say she loved how malasa (.. ) it was. The salmon was also a winner - the fact that they served it warm, made all the difference! The sorbet was really sour - but it served its purpose! The main course was served later than usual - I think it might have been a ploy for the taste buds - and it was since it arrived later than usual - because everyone at the table were raving on their meats! They served it with perfect done-ness (as per your preference) - it was lovely! For a person who has refrained to eat meat for more than a month - the sacrifice was well worth it! As for the dessert - well, since I am not a fan of chocolates - my Panget got two servings - full! He was so delighted, he was even telling our friends how lucky he was every time the dessert had chocolate in them. Hahaha!

The purpose of the dinner was to entice us to switch to Smart Infinity. They did offer a lot of incentives when you reach certain amounts, which actually the competition does not give out at all! Can you imagine that they give out trips to Lagen and Miniloc in El Nido? Another nice thing was that when you reach a certain amount (again) you get to avail of as much as 2 handsets! 2 freaking handsets! Now - that must be a good good deal right? I think so! I just hope that my current provider makes a little effort in improving its services - I mean really! This was such an eye-opener for me. Am I thinking about switching? Well, yes - but not soon - maybe when most of my friends have switched over! Hahaha..

Thanks M & E - my Panget and I super enjoyed last night!

To ED, EM, H and F (Congrats for winning the raffle prize!) - it was really nice to have met you all.. :) Hope to see you guys again soon!!


  1. What a nice surprise it must have been. Personally, I think I would have been speechless in the company of such distinguished people. What could we possibly talk about really? =)

    I can't wait to see the food pics!

  2. nice food here. sad to day i wasnt blogging yet when i ate here early this year...

  3. di...sama naman ako sa susunod na event nyo ni Edi....I have never met Johnny Litton =)

  4. Hi Ruy! It was such a surprise talaga!

    Hi Doc! Quality good food nga sha..

    Hi Jen! If it's an open event why not?!

  5. ay naku, kasi naman i used to work for the "OTHER" provider (the telco you probably use now), I am perversely attached and will NOT switch. weird. really.

    on another note, panget must use his phone a lot for him to be invited to such a ("let's make sulot") dinner!!

  6. Hi Jen! How are you?! Even if I always threaten to switch - I can't! For some strange reason - I just really can't! hahaha..

  7. hi didi, i saw your picture in philstar today! with panget's---i'm assuming it's him. ;p

  8. Hi Jen! Yup! That's him! :) Hihi..