Bangkok - Day 3

Thursday, November 08, 2007

We were more relaxed - decided to go to Platinum Mall as suggested by Mabs the night before. He said we will surely enjoy shopping in this mall. And we surely did! Having enjoyed walking around the whole mall - we forgot to take pictures!! Hahaha... Ladies, you will go crazy in this mall. I won't say anything much but - you've got to get your butts down there!! We had lunch at Platinum's Food Court - we were actually tired to find a restaurant. Hehe..

I think the 4 of us felt too tired that we were all feeling kinda loopy. I guess we walked so much! Haha.. After Platinum Mall, we walked ourselves to Siam Discovery, and found our way up to the store called Loft. Those Hong Kong fanatics are familiar with this place, they sell cutie goodies, most importantly - ballpens! Haha.. Too bad their ballpen collection was mediocre - the selection was very limited - sort of like National Bookstore. Nevertheless, I got myself 2 pens - Uni-ball's Vision Elite to be exact. Now, why that pen? Well, that pen is designed for frequent travellers (I think) - it boasts that the ink won't spill/leak when on an airplane. You see, I know my pens - it's my passion! hahaha..

After Siam Discovery, we moved next door to Siam Center. We didn't get to walk around much because we were so tired! We didn't realize that we walked like 5 floors and walked through ALL the lanes one by one (that's how OC I am.. you need to be systematic you know!) I was excited to get to Siam Paragon for the sole reason of tasting - iBerry Ice Cream!!

We then sampled a few flavors and after 5 minutes decided to order already! I ordered French Vanilla Tea, KY got the Thai Milk Tea, SE got the Coconut Sorbet and my Panget got the Nutella. I was supposed to take photos, but the staff prohibited me to do so, I don't know why! And so - this below is the only pics that were taken.

(Clockwise) Nutella, French Vanilla Tea,
Thai Milk Tea, Coconut Sorbet

Being in a daring mood - I decided to try the...... Tamarind Sorbet! It was not half bad, but man was it sour! But I think it grows on you. Maybe next time? Hahaha!! I wish!! (As in really wish)

My Panget requested this! Hahaha..

On our way home, I was asking my girls where they wanted to have dinner. KY asked in a sweet tone if it was okay for us to have dinner at the apartment. She was too tired! Well, we all were! Can you imagine that we walked from 9:45am up until 5:pm? We only had little rest period! As KY would say - it was like walking the whole of Ayutthaya the day before! Hahaha.. Since we decided to stay in - we also thought - why not buy street food and enjoy it at the apartment?! Good idea right? Uh, greaaaaaat idea!! I'm so glad my friends are so easy to please! Thank goodness!!!

Street food at Soi Lang Suan

What's nice with Bangkok is that they have a directory/yellow pages for Take-Out foods! It was really convenient because they even had the menus printed with their ads! I tasked KY to be the ones to order. She picked Cabbages & Condoms (don't ask me why?!) but it was a good decision - as the food tasted fab!! Really yummy yummy Thai take-out! We all loved the Mee Krob!

After dinner - SE and I were recharged! We decided to go to Suan Lum again to get the things she needed. Good thing we went, because if we waited till the next day - I think we would be too tired already

What a wonderful shopping day!!


  1. Didn't get to go to Platinum Mall when I was there in 2005. But I remember going to MBK, Siam Center. Cute nga items sa Loft.

  2. Hi Em! I love Loft! But I like HK's Loft better. Mas may laman eh! Hehehe.. :)

  3. I agree with u, I love everything served at Cabbage & Condoms despite an unappetizing name of the resto :)