Untimely Death..

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I learned from my mom last night that there was a fellow ICAn that was shot dead because of road rage. I wondered who she was, and so when Bandila (the late night news on TV) was up, she called me to the living room. So I waited to see who it was. It turns out - it was Katherine Palmero or Kay-P to me.

When I saw her picture being flashed on the screen, I suddenly remembered her ever so jolly mood. She would always be smiling and talking to people. We're not close but we knew one another. We'd often exchange hi's and hello's when we'd see one another in the hallways of DLSU. I think that was the only time (after High School) that we had actually talked. But that was years ago.

She just turned a year older last September.

28 is too young...

I really hope and pray that they get their justice.

Kay-P - you are loved we will miss you! Thanks for the small talks and the big smile you had waiting for me whenever we'd see one another in campus.

Rest in Peace my dear!!


  1. my officemates knew them both. they said they work in the same company TIM, i think while the man also used to work at citibank

    another road rage incident here :(

  2. how terrible! what batch was she? ican ka pala?

  3. Ed Canizares was IS Center Head for PLDT briefly after his Citibank stint. He was unceremoniously FIRED OUT when his devoted staff complained of mismanegement and favoritism.

  4. Hi Jen! She was batch 97. Yes, I am! Super proud to be actually..

    Hi Anonymous - really? Yikes!!

  5. Hi, I would like to know the names of victims' relatives. The suspect is now our neighbor. I would like to know more what happen to the case. Since the suspect is a lawyer, did they file disbarment case in IBP? Thanks. - Mark, Twitter @mackoydeleon