Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here we go again!! Yehaaaaaaaaa!!!

Weeknights will never be boring again!! Hahaha!! (I've suddenly become a fan of the localized version of Marimar!!)

It's been 3 days since the housemates entered the house, and this early - I have my favorites! Here's a rundown on my take on the contestants:

My favorites:

Yayo A. - she's an 80's has been. Can you believe she's 40? I thought she was younger! Well, you see she belonged to the Philippines' version of 'The Breakfast Club' - and somehow at the height of her success - she eloped with her now husband to the US. They had kids and all, then suddenly they came back to pursue their acting careers. Little did I know that she was a martyr wife. Now, why is she my favorite? Well, simply because the so pleasant to look at and watch on TV and for the simple fact that she belonged to the Bagets era.. Babaw noh?!

Wil D. - I've been seeing him in glossies for the past few years, I never knew he came to Manila to pursue a lady love. And now that they've broken up - he remained here because (he says) he fell in love with the country. And I think - he has good modeling offers! He's such a cutie!! And friendly too! For the most part (that I've watched) he's most of the time seen with Ruben (Davoa's pride) - which is so nice for me (for matters I cannot explain fully) but it makes me smile when they're together. There's this down-to-earth feel with him.

Riza S. - Simply because she's so prim and proper!! My gosh - when she sits down - she reminds me so much of my good friend M! They have a nice posture! I admire the fact that she's open that she's a virgin (still) She's so pretty too! And she served the army? Wow!

The rest:

Ruben - I think he deserves the money prize the most. We love underdogs - remember FRanzen of PBB1?

Gaby - I realized that there was more to her than racing cars! I always thought she talked funny (super sloooow) but I guess she picked up her pace when she talks to BB! hahaha..

Megan - Okay - so she did the unthinkable - jumped over the fence to the rival network. Good decision? Me thinks ABS put her here for more exposure.

Donnie - He did bring out country pride with medals won in Taekwondo matches - but I don't know - there's something that's a little off with him.

Baron - I belong to the 'Tabing Ilog' era and was very disappointed with the outcome of his decisions in life - it seems that being a star got to his head faster that his peers! Imagine, he was launched together with John Lloyd Cruz! Look at where dear Lloydie is now?!

Victor - he's just sooooooooooooooo quiet! That's it.

Marylane - I can't seem to see the Bi-Polar-ness in her (which some people thought she had) she's part of the 26K girls of the local version of Deal or No Deal! She's smart ah! The fact that she writes for the DLSU paper and The Manila Times - impressive!

McCoy - Just one sentence - He sang (and composed?) the Pinoy Big Brother theme song. He has come full circle for me thinks.

The one I dislike the most:

Jen - my gosh - I think this celebrity will have the longest of my comments - I sooooooooo dislike her! She too loud, too vocal and too much of everything! She quite striking but the longer you look at her - blaaaaaaaaah...... she's so tactless! Gosh - she says the dumbest things to her housemates! Actually - her mannerisms - makes me want to strangle her out of the house! In a way she's an effective contravida in the house. She's a Wendy(monyo) in the making, but at least Wendy was pretty and was nice during the first few weeks! This Jen ?? My gosh! She's not!! I know she's just being herself and remaining true to the 'magpakatotoo ka slogan' but man - there's a limit you know!

Zara - The one I have no reactions of because I haven't seen in action (yet!)

John - OMG! He's that hot guy on the BENCH billboard along Edsa! He used to occupy the place where Jake Roxas is not. Hotness.... HOTNESSSSSSSSSS!!!

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