MM's send off..

Monday, October 22, 2007

(L-R) MM, A, moi!, K
what poses right?!

This is us - the Beijing Chickens.

Our friend MM will be heading to Shang-Hai next week for a 7 week training courtesy of Citibank. Since she'll be gone for a while - K decided to have a cookfest that originally tagged her and B - MM's fiance (who is now taking cooking classes) to whip up some dishes for us!

But as it turns out - K was the only one who did everything! We had this super delish garlic dip and a very yummy Cheesy Chicken Casserole!! (I even took home the left over sauce!! Haha..)

After dinner - us girls went to the den to watch a little TV and did some catching up (even if we saw one another at Vic's wedding - the funniest wedding ever!!) When our respective boys arrived - we then proceeded to play Taboo.

I learned Taboo from KY - she brought this game along when we went to Bagiuo some 9 years ago (has it been that long?!?!?!) And ever since - I've been loving this game and also kicking some good ass winning too!! It was the boys versus the girls - can you guess which team won??

The consequence was that for every round lost - there should be a representative from the losing team to drink 1 shot of Tequila. Great idea right? Well, I was forced to take one for the team! My first ever 'real' tequila shot! Hahaha..

In the end - the girls won 5 - 2. Hahaha!! :)

We will miss you MM!! :) See you when you get baaaaaaaaaaack!!!


  1. how do you know MM? what a small world, she's my cousin's fiance! yes, cousin ko si B!

  2. Hi Jen!!!!!!!!!!
    MM was my roomie when I studied in Beijing! B was also there with us!! :) So, we'll be seeing one another next year on their wedding!! :)