Monday, October 01, 2007

Okay, so my good friend S's wedding is coming up - 6 days to go till the big day!!. My Checklist is almost complete!

- Dress It's already being dry-cleaned at the moment!
- Shoes I'm using an old, reliable pair :)
- Accessories Thanks to Kath! It made all the difference!!
- Bag - Still thinking of borrowing or buying (a really cheap one that is!)
- Hairstyle - BIG dilema
- Make-up - Another BIG dilema

It's already this Sunday - and I haven't booked anyone to do my make-up and hair! Darn it! Actually, I can't decide! Yikes! It's really a tough choice!

But to make things somewhat okay - Sophie was willing to teach me how to do my own make-up. I'm not what you call a make-up maven - I actually suck at this. I don't know how to differentiate my look. I'm super scared to experiment. Such frustration!!

And my hair? Well, I'll just probably go to a salon in QC. Any suggestions?


  1. didi! practice ka nalang! it's so fun doing makeup---if you have the time. (ako kasi i have so much---and so little time. with two boys, naku, i don't have time at all!)

  2. i know someone in QC who can do it for you. Fe Cadiente near Munoz (roosevelt)...Landline: 410.4802
    Cell: 0928.3906288. tell her Tutubi referred you in case you decide

  3. Hmm, hot ba yung emcee? hehehe.

  4. how about watercolors in shangrila? for your make up lang ha. layo ka lang from you. take care di!

  5. Hi Jen! Yeah nga eh! Practice nalang siguro..

    Hi Tutubi! Will give her a call. Thanks ah!

    Char - He's already married eh! :)

    Hi Jake! Shang is too far na! But they do have a branch in QC. That's where Panget's mom and sister are having theirs done.. :)

  6. I have the number of Cathy Cantada, I booked her for my brother's wedding in Oct 27. I saw someone referred her in Pex wedding makeup. She charges around 3500 home service hair and makeup..might be over the budget but I saw that her portfolio is good :)
    Hope this helps :)

  7. Hi, I know a couple of make up artists who could do hair + make up.

    almira muhlach
    irene sy go
    arlene adto
    tin reyes
    mich lim

    i could give you their numbers but my reco for you would me irene, she has her own studio at grace village, qc. wouls charge Php1500 for hair and make up or Php2000 for home service.

    the ones i've mentioned about are really good and are of the same caliber. they do workshops for top brands, fashion shoots, etc

  8. Hi dee! Yeah, I've heard of Cathy Cantada but kinda pricey eh! She's friend with a friend who's also a MUA but she's in PAris now.. Sigh.. She used to do my make-up when I have events.. :)

    Hi Kim! Thanks super for the suggestions. Did I read it right? Almira Muhlach the wife of Bong Alvares and sister of Aga?? She does make-up pala?

  9. yup, all of the names i mentioned were batchmates at ICI (except for Tin)and are equally good.
    i didn't even know she was an artista when a met her, super big boo boo!