Flight Delayed... Argh!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Yes, you read it right - my flight tomorrow to sunny Bangkok will be delayed for 2 hours!! A few minutes ago - I received a phone call from PAL. Apparently there has been an aircraft thingie - thus - our flight will be delayed for 2 hours! So instead of departing at 1030am - it will be 12:30pm!

Half-day shopping - down already. Great. Now - that leaves us with less time to go around. Just great.

Good thing I didn't push having to do all the city tours tomorrow afternoon!


PAL - Philippine Arlines = Plane Always Late.


  1. youre even lucky it is just 2 hours... my sister in law was delayed for almost a day... they were given free hotel accomodations for the night until their flight plus updgraded pa ata to business class... PAL talaga o...

    anyway, dont worry, im sure your Bangkok trip would still be great. Have fun!

    pasalubong ha! ;-)

  2. Hi Gits! I'm back! Wasn't able to get pasalubongs though.. Sorry!! Promise sa next trip ko! :)