Dinner with my Girls..

Friday, October 19, 2007

It has been months since we all sat down and had dinner. KY has been in Paris, finishing her Masters in Luxury Branding. While SE has been busy with work, KI has also been busy with baking and cooking school.

So I took them to Cook Book Kitchen. They loved the food and the price too!! :) Another success!! Hahaha.. I've become quite a good customer to them actually, the head server had this knowing smile when she saw me. Hehehe... :)

I haven't seen KY in 9 months - but man, did she look beautiful. Ang ganda ganda niya super!! No exaggeration. She did gain a little weight but she looked so blooming, happy and uber beautiful! I told her to maintain her weight because she looks sooooo nice. But she retorted that since she's the active-beach person that she needed to lose a little weight para naman hindi scandalous ang dating. KI still looked the same, we'd bump into one another at the Yoga studio once in a while - I just have to say this - her curls - super bagay with her!! We picked up SE and - she still looked the same. I think out of the 4 of us - it's always SE that looks the same.

These girls are my high school best friends. They're one of those constant things in my life. Even though we don't see each other often - there's this certain bond eh. I can't explain it but it's there and I'm glad that despite the years, the travels, the boyfriends, the heartaches, the successes and failures - we're still there for one another - nothing has changed (except hairstyles, hahaha!) I'm so glad that we can still sit down and act silly with each other, laugh at one another give advice and just be there for one another.

Super glad that we'd be travelling together in 2 weeks!!

KI - Sumama ka na kasi...

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