Deny... Deny to death!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

That is a phrase some of my males friends tell me when asked if they'll admit to having an affair (if they ever do) Now why is that? Beats me! But I know for a fact that when a guy admits to having an affair - he will never hear the end of it! Ever!!!

This brings me to local showbiz's latest revelation: The Dennis Trillo Baby Frenzy..

When I heard the news that Carlene Aguilar (who's a schoolmate in HS - she's 2 batches lower than I am) was pregnant - I assumed it was Dennis Trillo's baby. Obviously, these two have been an off-again, on-again, couple. But when he denied it, a-haaa - I thought there was something fishy. Then I learned from the grapevine that Carlene has denied it too and said that some other guy sired the baby. The plot thickens..

Now after months of speculation and 9 months have passed - a Pinay nurse was able to leak the news that the baby's last name was Dennis Trillo's real last name. Alas - the media frenzy.

Finally, he admitted to fathering the child last Sunday. Great? I think not.

Why deny a blessing?

They should have polished their stories first.

A very dumb move..


  1. carlene is from ica? is she 95? what batch

  2. Hi Jen! Carlene is batch 2000 in ICA.

  3. kainis noh? deny deny then he'll admit it in the end pala :) showbiz talaga Ü